Greene, Howard


Howard Greene directs K-12 Education Outreach for the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University, bringing university research and teaching intersections to the K-12 community, especially as it relates to broadening participation. Specifically, Howard’s work seeks to improve awareness of engineering careers and the academic preparation needed for success in engineering while increasing knowledge of the engineering design process. He works to encourage career ambassadorship on the part of OSU undergraduate students and leverage their early engineering experiences to encourage and support the next generation of STEM learners. Howard is also very involved in OSU service learning programs that seek to integrate engineering and other skillsets to bring sustainable innovations to underserved communities locally and across the globe. These programs bring transformative and galvanizing experiences to engineering education.

Howard assists faculty in forming education plans and broader impacts portions of their National Science Foundation (NFS) and other federal grant proposals. He serves on the Board of Trustees of the Metro Early College High School, a diverse and non-selective STEM high school on OSU campus and actively seeks to bring university collaborations that augment teaching and learning at Metro.


Systems Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Humanitarian Engineering

Specific skillsets:

  • Coaching of faculty on broader impacts of NSF and other federal grant proposals
  • Tools and programs to broaden engineering student participation in undergraduate research
  • Forming and growing partnerships with K-12 schools, universities and communities