LEGACY Postdoctoral Scholars Program

Intersectional Mentoring Networking Model
Adapted from the work of Walker, G. E., Golde, C. M., Jones, L., Bueschel, A. C., & Hutchings, P. (2009). The formation of scholars: Rethinking doctoral education for the twenty-first century (Vol. 11). John Wiley & Sons.

Leading Engineering as Agents of Change and Equity (LEGACY) 

Founded by Ohio State College of Engineering Dean Ayanna Howard, the LEGACY Postdoctoral Scholars Program was established to prepare and diversify the next generation of engineering leaders in academia.

Why Ohio State

A unique feature of the LEGACY Postdoctoral Scholars Program at Ohio State is its focus on intersectional mentorship. Scholars and mentors will engage in authentic conversations that promote a culture of inclusivity.

Additional program features include:

  • Engagement with professional and personal mentors
  • Participation in a two-year cohort with other LEGACY postdocs
  • Establishment of a community co-created by scholars
  • Professional development in areas of need for success as a tenure-track faculty
  • Formative and summative professional feedback about progress
  • Transition to a faculty position in the College of Engineering

double-arrowOur Goals


Increase the number of underrepresented minority postdocs who transition to faculty positions in the college


Establish quality mentoring relationships that advance the careers of scholars


Enhance the research, teaching and service portfolios of scholars


Build and enhance scholarly communities in their fields, the college and the university

Message from our Dean


  • Two female biomedical researchers collaborate in the lab
    Co-developed, personalized postdoc mentoring plan with targeted goals
  • Inclusion in daily aspects of engineering department cultures
  • Training in grants creation and management, research program development, and career mapping
  • Internal and external networking opportunities to advance scholarship and professional brand
  • One-on-one coaching throughout experience
  • Formative feedback and updates in biweekly meetings
  • Annual mentor team evaluations

double-arrowOur Team

Monica Cox

Dr. Monica Cox

LEGACY Program Director

Nicole Korczak

Nicole Korczak

LEGACY Program Graduate Associate