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Racial and Social Justice Community of Practice


Task Force on racial and social justice in the curriculum (began in July 2020). 

Community of Practice Goals

Eligibility and Expectations

  • All full-time instructional faculty/staff who teach a required course in Engineering, Architecture or Planning are eligible
  • Compensation - $2,000 per person ($1,000 from the College of Engineering and $1,000 from department)

CoP Requirements

  • Academic year commitment (Autumn and Spring semesters).
  • Bi-weekly meetings (90 minutes)
  • Create and implement one learning outcome related to Community of Practice goals in a core course by autumn of the following year. Faculty will lay out timeline for integration of curriculum early in the Community of Practice
  • Get approval from Undergraduate curriculum chair of the department.
  • Allow observation of class(es) when curriculum is being delivered, collect artifacts, assessment and curriculum.
  • Take pre- and post-assessment and agree to mentoring based on findings.
  • Actively participate in Community of Practice sessions

Benefits of Participation

  • Response to student need for inclusive classrooms
  • Meets shared values requirements to annual review and dossier
  • Possible connection to new GE requirements
  • Possible Instructional Redesign credit

Community of Practice Application


College of Engineering



For information about the Racial and Social Justice Community of Practice, please contact: