Undergraduate Research

At Ohio State, engineers conduct research with doctors, physicists, designers, artists and experts in many other fields. Engineering undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in the wide array of opportunities generated by our faculty. Each spring students enjoy multiple outlets to share their work, including Ohio State’s annual Denman Undergraduate Research Forum and the college’s undergraduate research forum.

Margaret Cron wears a lab coat and leans over a bench, pulling a fluid out of a jar.

Benefits of undergraduate research

  • Help solve the world’s greatest challenges
  • Access world-class facilities, equipment and mentors
  • Work alongside faculty and graduate students
  • Gain early exposure to engineering (students can start research in their first year!)
  • Prepare for graduate school or a career in research and development

Getting started

Ready to follow your investigational instincts through undergraduate research? Here are a few ways to find a project:

  • Reach out to an instructor with whom you’ve had a course.
  • Search departmental and faculty websites for information on current projects.
  • Visit the Undergraduate Research Office to learn more about research, attend an information session and discover opportunities.

Research Distinction

Research that culminates in the production of an undergraduate research thesis allows students to receive the designation of “With Research Distinction” or “With Honors Research Distinction” on their diploma. Visit Distinction Guidelines for more information.

Nick Visalli (headshot)
"Ohio State is one of the biggest research universities in the United States, giving students multiple opportunities to get involved in research throughout their time here."
– Nick Visalli, Materials Science and Engineering student