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Time & Change: The Ohio State Campaign

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Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign

The campaign's financial goal is $4.5 billion – the largest in Ohio State’s history. More importantly, it strives to engage 1 million supporters, an unprecedented level in higher education.

To reach both goals, Ohio State will need its 500,000-plus alumni and donors to engage and pay forward like never before with gifts small and large. Buckeyes have consistently embraced legendary Ohio State Coach Woody Hayes’ admonition to “always try to pay forward” – giving generously of their talent, time and treasure in their communities, to those in need and at their alma mater.

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The quiet phase of Time and Change began on October 1, 2016, and the public phase was launched in October 2019 with three core areas:

Student Success • Discovery • Healthy, Vibrant Communities

With an ambitious campaign fundraising goal of $450 million, the College of Engineering will be instrumental in helping the university achieve its ambitious goals and invest in vital focus areas that champion human potential.

There are currently 68,000 living Buckeye architecture and engineering alumni located throughout the world. In conjunction with the university’s effort to increase overall donor participation, we strive to attain 16,000 total unique donors to the college by the end of the eight-year campaign. Targeting outreach to encourage first-time donors and young alumni to pay forward at Ohio State will help us achieve these goals and contribute to building an enduring culture of philanthropy.


Student Success
Goal: $90 million
Helping students earn their degree and launch a career is at the very core of our mission. Philanthropy that directly support scholarships and fellowships, as well as recruitment and retention exceptional faculty, are critical in this campaign.
Goal: $270 million
The pursuit of new ideas and novel solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges drives the field of engineering. Nowhere is that more true than at Ohio State. Gifts that fuel this research benefit our state, our nation and the entire world.
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Healthy, Vibrant Communities
Goal: $90 million
An engineering education from Ohio State positively impacts the trajectory of a young person’s life. By expanding student services, enhancing curriculum and creating new learning environments, we can offer more experiential learning to more students.

As a land-grant university, Ohio State was created to improve lives and elevate communities. With that founding mandate, it is not surprising that Ohio State offered engineering courses from the very start. For more than 150 years, the university has stayed true to course. We educate young people who create, innovate and lead in developing greater good for others.

Please join our pursuit of these ambitious goals by contributing to Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign

For further information or to learn more about supporting the College of Engineering, email or call 614-292-0932.

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