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Buckeye Engineering is The Ohio State University College of Engineering’s news vehicle, communicating exciting developments and accomplishments in a timely fashion. It is published four times per year, with one print and three electronic issues.
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Current issue

cover of winter issue showing rendering of battery cell research center

Issue 44, Winter 2023-24 (digital)

Feature stories:

Previous issue

issue cover showing showing Ohio State engineers and University of Dodoma students gathered in front of a drilling rig in Tanzania.

Issue 43, Autumn 2023 (digital)

Feature stories:


cover of issue 42
Summer 2023 (print)
issue cover showing Ratmir Timashev and audience members applauding following a gift announcement at a Board of Trustees meeting.
Spring 2023 (digital)
Issue cover showing two researchers working in a lab (photo 1), and a professor talking to a student in front of a stack of servers
Winter 2022-23 (digital)
Cover of issue 39
Autumn 2022 (digital)
cover of issue 38
Summer 2022 (print)
Buckeye Engineering issue 37 cover
Spring 2022 (digital)
Buckeye Engineering issue 36 cover
Winter 2021-22 (print)
Buckeye Engineering issue 35 cover
Autumn 2021 (digital)
Buckeye Engineering issue 34 cover
Summer 2021 (print)
Buckeye Engineering issue 33 cover
Spring 2021 (digital)
Buckeye Engineering issue 32 cover
Winter 2021 (print)
screenshot of Buckeye Engineering issue 31
Autumn 2020 (digital)
Screenshot of Buckeye Engineering issue 30
Summer ​​2020 (digital)
Screenshot of Buckeye Engineering issue 29
Spring 2020 (digital)
Cover of Buckeye Engineering, issue 28
Winter 2019 (print)
Autumn 2019 Cover
Autumn 2019 (digital)



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