Event Volunteer Request

Undergraduate Education and Student Services has partnered with the Engineers' Council Student Organization to managed this site for event coordinators to request student volunteers to assist at college events. E-Council requires that all engineering student organizations provide volunteer or service hours as a means to earn funding for their organization. One way that engineering student organizations may fulfill their volunteer/service requirement is to supply member volunteers at College events.

Steps for event coordinator to get started:

  1. Complete and submit the student volunteer request form.
    1. Include requesting unit and contact information.
    2. Provide event information. For example, location, date, time volunteers need to arrive and number of volunteers needed.
    3. List duties that student volunteers will need to perform. For example, set up or tear down tables/signage, or assist with registration for event, etc.
    4. Make any special requests such as students to sit on a panel for a Q&A event or any skills required such as Solid Works application knowledge to give a demonstration.
  2. What happens next after the form has been submitted?
    1. E-Council members will receive and review requests and post to their website.
    2. E-Council members will notify event coordinator of whether or not there are volunteers. Allow 3-5 business days.
    3. E-Council members will provide student volunteers with a copy of the Student Organization Volunteer Agreement or SOV-Agreement and the Volunteer Contacts Chart.
    4. The SOV-Agreement is the document that will require the event coordinator's signature to allow student groups to receive funding from E-Council for the volunteer hours performed.
    5. The event coordinator will contact student volunteers to provide event details.
    6. Students should complete the SOV-Agreement by providing their organization information, volunteer names and hours volunteered and give to the event coordinator.
  3. Once the event is over, provided students have completed volunteer duties as requested,
    1. The event coordinator will sign the SOV-Agreement.
    2. Give the SOV-Agreement to the front desk in 122 Hitchcock.
    3. The 122 HI personnel will place agreements in E-Council's mailbox.

Event Request Form