Capstone Projects

The Ohio State University is a leader in creating substantive industry experiences for undergraduate engineering students.

2019 capstone showcase

Our engineering disciplines have a rich history of using projects developed and sponsored by industry and non-profit organizations for student capstone design courses. Each of our 12 departments coordinate capstone projects, with the Department of Engineering Education facilitating multidisciplinary capstone projects that involve students from several departments as well as those from the Colleges of Business, Medicine, Nursing and more.


An Ohio State engineering education features a multitude of real-world, hands-on experiences. We look to companies and non-profit organizations to help us create and deliver the penultimate applied research experience. 

Sponsors contribute the problem or idea, participate in design reviews, provide information on previous efforts and contribute domain-specific knowledge.

Sponsor Benefits

  • Improve overall productivity
  • Create new business opportunities
  • Gain fresh perspectives from creative and innovative engineering students
  • Gain value-added solutions
  • Observe talented students as prospective employees
  • Improve processes and products
  • Improve quality and reduce costs

Student Benefits

  • Gain hands-on experience with real-world problems
  • Apply academic knowledge to practical problem-solving
  • Receive direct contact with industry professionals
  • Interact with companies as prospective employers
  • Learn objective thinking by working with diverse team


Bob Rhoads
Multidisciplinary Capstone Director
Department of Engineering Education