Together: The Ohio State University College of Engineering

At The Ohio State University College of Engineering, collaboration is more than just a good idea. It’s a way of life… it’s our way of learning… our way of leading. Every day we are building a culture of collaboration and inclusion for our students, faculty, staff and alumni. We call it Engineering for Everyone, and together we are changing the world!

Together, we prepare more than 10,000 students per year to excel as the next generation of innovators, leaders and problem solvers.

Our inclusive and diverse community leverages comprehensive excellence at an unprecedented scale, enabling students to become extraordinary engineers, architects, computer scientists, aviators, planners… anything they can dream. 18 undergraduate majors and 16 graduate degree programs offer exceptional breadth and depth in modernized environments. Experiential, hands-on education starts on day 1 and continues through team capstone projects. An entrepreneurial mindset is instilled every step of the way. And myriad research opportunities are available to complement in-class learning. More than 80% of our graduates secure their first job or grad school entrance within three months of earning their degree.

Together we inspire, innovate and invent.

We integrate research, discovery and entrepreneurship from all disciplines to develop high-impact solutions to critical challenges. As a result, we serve society, enhance economic competitiveness and promote human well-being for all – in our state… our nation… and our world. We lead three national initiatives to democratize and apply artificial intelligence for the greater good. We’re launching the next generation of manufacturing technology and helping prepare a workforce to implement it across the country. Our researchers partner with College of Medicine clinicians right around the corner to advance treatments that save lives. We collaborate with industry daily and our discoveries are destined for more than just journal articles. Since 2018, more than 50 startup companies have been launched by Engineering faculty. Innovation is the hallmark of who we are at Ohio State.

Together we improve communities, in our backyard and all around the world!

Paying forward is an Ohio State tradition. Our students, faculty and staff cherish that responsibility and constantly seek new opportunities to reach out and help others in need. Humanitarian engineering initiatives have delivered our faculty and students to Tanzania, Honduras, Paraguay, Haiti and Navajo Nation to address water, energy and public education needs. Closer to home, many Buckeyes devote their free time to inspiring the next generation during visits to schools or at STEM camps hosted at Ohio State. Our faculty members have even received national awards for their commitment to K through 12 education.

Every day, we collaborate to learn… discover… and make our world a better place.

Together we thrive!


Engineers focused on eye health
September 22, 2023

Engineers focused on eye health

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