Office of the Dean

Nowhere are advances in society more evident and profound than in engineering education. At the Ohio State College of Engineering, we look ahead to what is waiting to be discovered. 

Established in 1870, Ohio State has focused on engineering and the sciences since its beginning. The Department of Mathematics and Engineering was one of the original seven departments, and in 1882 the School of Engineering was instituted. Today, we offer 15 undergraduate and 14 graduate engineering programs through our 12 engineering departments, as well as three undergraduate and four graduate degrees from the Knowlton School of Architecture. More than 10,000 students take courses taught by faculty members in the College of Engineering and Knowlton School, and we proudly boast more than 60,000 living alumni from around the globe.


The quality of Ohio State’s engineering educational experience continues to be among the very best in the country. According to the U.S. News and World Report, Ohio State’s College of Engineering is solidly among the top engineering schools in the nation.

Our students begin with the Fundamentals of Engineering course sequence, designed to provide a broad understanding of the principles of engineering and to teach freshmen engineering students basic engineering skills. The college has dedicated faculty, funding and facilities to this initiative to ensure its success. Each year, more than 1,000 new engineering students make use of the $1 million in renovations to classroom and laboratory space devoted to the new Fundamentals of Engineering program.

Integrating strong engineering education and research programs into all aspects of the College of Engineering continues to be our commitment and our practice. This effort is clearly recognized by our industry partners, who fund research in our laboratories and then recruit and hire our students. We continually strengthen our traditional engineering programs while investing in emerging fields, thereby preparing our students for the workforce of the future.