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"Engineering Career Services is committed to helping Buckeye engineers with their professional journey.-- Amy Thaci, Director

Most students obtain industry-based experience throughout their academic career. In order to help students obtain co-ops and internships, the College of Engineering has its own office comprised of 10 full-time staff members dedicated to the task: Engineering Career Services (ECS). This team provides students and employers with guidance and opportunities to connect; empowering students to attain lifelong career management and employment goals.

ECS provides a wide variety of services to help students develop themselves professionally and best position themselves for the job search. Here are a few examples:

  • Job search tools and resources: includes a Student Handbook, ECS blog, Weekly Wire newsletter, and Handshake, our online job posting system.
  • ECS programming: such as Intern Week, Career Week and the Job Shadow Program.
  • Mock interviews: ECS staff as well as recruiters from companies conduct practice interviews with students—asking real interview questions and providing feedback.
  • Resume reviews: Advisors look over your resume to ensure it is an industry accepted format, well written (data is quantified), and that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Workshops: ECS hosts many workshops throughout the semester, covering a wide variety of topics, including salary negotiations,  uilding a strong LinkedIn profile and interview strategies.

Each semester companies come from around the United States to attend our Engineering Career Fairs in order to recruit Ohio State Engineers (~300 in the fall, ~150 in the spring) for full time and co-op/internship positions. Students have the opportunity to meet different companies and see if they are a good fit. At the same time, employers are evaluating the students to see if they would make a great addition to their company. Many companies also reserve rooms in ECS for on-campus interviews, making the process extremely accessible for students.

Average wage for Undergraduate Students’ Engineering Related Intern, Co-Op, Research, and part-time work is around $19.00 / hr. All opportunities provided through ECS are guaranteed to be paid.

Ohio State is proud to offer students the opportunities to build their experience. 

Ohio State offers a both a co-op internship opportunities. About 86% of students report having some industry based experience prior to graduation. 

Both co-ops and internships are...

  • Paid, career-related opportunities that allow students to gain real-world experience in their chosen field prior to graduation. Employers often consider internships/co-ops as a prerequisite to obtaining full-time employment
  • A chance for students to test drive career paths, companies, and even locations

What's a co-op?

  • A co-op (or cooperative education experience) consists of two or more semesters of full-time work
  • The most common model includes alternating semesters of school and work
  • There should be more responsibility with each return or rotation
  • There is no upward limit to the number of semesters students can work; however, invitations to continue with an employer are contingent upon factors like employer need and student performance
  • Employers often consider students early-on in their studies for these opportunities

What's an internship?

  • Internships are single work terms of full-time or part-time work
  • Internships sometimes require advanced coursework and more in-depth knowledge of the student's engineering discipline in order to engage students in meaningful work and maximize employer investment in that student

Unpaid Positions

  • Engineering students should expect to receive payment, typically in the form of an hourly wage, for their internship and co-op experiences. You will be doing work that reflects the technical skills you have learned in school, and you will be adding significant value to the organization. There are some exceptions, such as with hospitals and other non-profit organizations, where legitimate, engineering related positions are unpaid. If you have been offered an unpaid position, please consult with an ECS advisor.

Real World Experience


"ECS excels in preparing students for the professional world and connecting them with companies seeking Buckeye engineers. The internships that I’ve obtained through ECS have been phenomenal and their staff has been instrumental in my preparation and professional development." – Grant, Mechanical Engineering