Academic Impact

Four students pose in O-H-I-O fashion on the campus of Ohio State.

Engineering Education for the Future

Exponential Impact

Imagine the possibilities when our immensely talented faculty and students have access to a world-class facility—the discoveries they will make, the problems they will solve.

The Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex (BMEC) will house three exceptional departments—Engineering Education, Materials Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering—all under one roof. Materials science and engineering benefits from modernized facilities and biomedical engineering students no longer need to travel to west campus for classes. BMEC’s design and technology will help attract gifted undergraduate and graduate students from around the globe and foster interdisciplinary collaboration, beginning as early as their first-year engineering education program. These same strengths allow for enhanced STEM education programs, targeting K-12 students to increase diversity among future Buckeye engineers.

BMEC also is the foundation of Ohio State's Advanced Materials Corridor where the College of Engineering will further develop the strength of the teaching and research relationship between engineering and medicine.

Showcase Teaching and Learning

In BMEC, students will experience one of the best learning atmospheres in the nation. This will be evident to all who visit, as walls of windows in classrooms will put experiential teaching and learning on display. Brand new teaching laboratories for the department of engineering, partnered with maker spaces and hubs for industry collaboration allow students and faculty to think creatively and bring their innovative ideas to life with engineers from the private sector. When faculty, students and industry come together, there is no limit to the innovation that is possible.