Degrees & Programs

The Ohio State College of Engineering offers MS and PhD programs in all 14 of our engineering programs. Through the Knowlton School, we also offer a Master of Architecture MARCH), Master of Landscape Architecture (MLARCH), and a Master and PhD in City and Regional Planning (MCRP).

Knowlton School

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Landscape Architecture

City and Regional Planning

Jon Bullock

College of Engineering

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Aerospace Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Nuclear Engineering

Megan Doolin

Biomedical Engineering

Melanie Senitko

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Angela Bennett

Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

Gail Morris

Computer Science and Engineering

Zanetta Lyons

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Beth Bucher

Engineering Education

Dr. Ana Casado

Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering

Candy McBride

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Amy Shaw

Materials Science and Engineering

Welding Engineering

Mark Cooper