Strategic Plan

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We are an innovation engine across engineering, architecture and planning that applies “Excellence at Scale to Problems of Consequence.”

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The ability to provide Excellence at Scale is among our most significant competitive advantages and a key ingredient to the strategic growth of the college in the years to come.

We excel when we leverage our scale and integrate our breadth in the context of critical challenges to generate high-impact innovation, discovery and education. To advance the College of Engineering and the Knowlton School, we seek to combine our diverse assets into new, innovative and stronger partnerships across all disciplines.

To achieve our desired outcomes and support The Ohio State University mission, we have devised a set of two foundations of excellence that influence our daily work and three pillars of excellence in which we concentrate our efforts.

These five fundamentals will enable the College of Engineering to maximize opportunities to apply excellence at scale, across and between disciplines, to problems of consequence.


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Methodology, Mission and Vision
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Build and nurture a community and culture of humanity that reflects our university values.
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Cultivate and advance excellence in stewardship of resources across human capital, finance, infrastructure and technology.
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Deliver the highest quality, evidence-based educational experiences in a diverse and inclusive community, accessible at all student levels, across all learning modalities.
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Establish and grow productive partnerships and connections with alumni and external organizations for faculty, staff and students.
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Shape our research efforts to optimize collaborative discovery, especially at the edges and intersections of disciplines.