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College honors exceptional teaching, innovation and partnership at 22nd annual celebration

Smiling 2019 awardees pose for a photo22nd Annual College of Engineering Distinguished Faculty Awards HonoreesThe College of Engineering annually honors faculty, researchers and partners for outstanding teaching, research and outreach achievements. The 2019 awardees were recognized on April 25 at the 22nd annual Distinguished Faculty Awards. 

“Without your hard work and dedication, we would not be able to educate the college’s 10,000 plus students. We wouldn’t have the discoveries, breakthroughs or innovations that help us engineer a better world and future,” said College of Engineering Dean David Williams, Monte Ahuja Endowed Dean’s Chair, while addressing event attendees. “Your talents, supported by over $150 million in externally sponsored research last year, influenced a broad range of applications and scientific disciplines.”

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2019 awardees:

Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education

Thomas Hund, BME — For excellence in both teaching and research, including critical scientific and engineering contributions to the field of arrhythmias that have fundamentally changed the field.

Established in 1983 with a gift from Doris and Stanley Harrison (’58, electrical engineering), this award honors an early to mid-career faculty member’s excellence in teaching and qualitative aspects of teaching, exceptional research, or contributions to engineering or architecture concepts. 

The Clara M. and Peter L. Scott Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education 

Joel Johnson, ECE — For seminal contributions to the field of microwave remote sensing, for outstanding mentoring of students and faculty, and for leadership and distinctive service.

In honor of Peter Scott, a 1949 Ohio State graduate in electrical engineering who received an honorary doctoral degree in 1995, this award recognizes a senior faculty member who has achieved both national and international status as a leading educator and researcher. 

Dean’s Meritorious Service to Students Award 

Elliot and Carolyn (posthumously) Ross — For supporting a generation of engineering students through scholarships, mentoring, growth, friendship and leadership.

This award recognizes an individual or group from outside the Ohio State community for exemplary service to students of the College of Engineering or Knowlton School of Architecture. 

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Lecturer

Satyanarayana Seetharaman, MAE — For his consistently exemplary record as an instructor in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering since 2011.

Established in 2015, this award honors an individual lecturer, senior lecturer or other auxiliary faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in their teaching within the college.

David C. McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award 

Annie Abell, MAE — In recognition of innovative active learning, modern technologies and cross-disciplinary teaching approaches, which promote student engagement and success in the MAE product design curriculum.

This award recognizes the contributions of College of Engineering junior faculty and staff to create more innovative and effective teaching and learning. 

John Clay holds his award and poses for a photo with Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska and David Tomasko.Associate Deans Dorota Grejner-Brzezinska (left) and David Tomasko (right) present the Boyer Award to John Clay.Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Engineering Innovation 

John Clay, CBE — For his innovative and engaging teaching style, proven to be effective in enhancing the student learning experience and inspiring students to reach their personal best.

Named for the late Ralph L. Boyer (’24, mechanical engineering), the award is presented to a faculty team or to an individual faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of undergraduate engineering education. 

Faculty Mentoring Award

Dorothée Imbert, KSA – Landscape Architecture — For her leadership, mentoring and dedication to helping new faculty be successful while still learning and growing as members of their academic community.

Michael Mills, MSE — For successfully mentoring several junior faculty and creating a new peer mentorship structure in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

This award recognizes an individual faculty member in the college for demonstrated excellence in the mentoring of one or more early-career faculty members within the college.

"Building Bridges" Excellence Award 

Peter Mohler, College of Medicine — For fostering an interdisciplinary research environment, and for his interdisciplinary, collaborative research that bridges engineering and medicine to advance our understanding of heart and lung disease.

This award is presented each year to a non-COE faculty member at Ohio State who demonstrates excellence and accomplishment in the development and implementation of collaborative activities and programs between his or her academic unit and the College of Engineering. 

Dean’s Award for Distinguished Outreach Achievements

Deborah Grzybowski, EED — For her positive impact on the community, external service and work to increase the college’s engagement in activities that extend the impact of teaching and research.

Established in 2015, this award recognizes an individual faculty member who has demonstrated significant and longstanding achievement of positive community impact through outreach activities or programs within the college.

Faculty Diversity Excellence Award 

Jason Reece, KSA – City & Regional Planning — For excellence in leading diversity and inclusion activities and creating an environment and culture in which all individuals are accepted, respected and valued.

This award recognizes an individual or team demonstrating excellence and success in the development and implementation of models, strategies, practices and programs that foster and enhance diversity in the college. 

Innovators Award 

Yi Zhao, BME — For the development of elastomer-liquid lenses with initial commercialization efforts in whole slide imaging on a smartphone for individual review and group consulting in pathology.

This award recognizes the achievements of an individual or team whose innovation has successfully translated the research emanating from our laboratories into new products and/or technologies that can be used by the public at large.

Honda-Ohio State Partnership Award 

Michael Wiseman, Honda — For his collaborative leadership, which allowed the Honda-Ohio State Partnership to strengthen and grow.

The Honda-Ohio State Partnership Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to promoting and strengthening this historic partnership. 

Students Matt Thurman and David Kormos present the Macquigg Award to Professor Butalia.Engineers' Council awarded the Charles E. Macquigg Award for Outstanding Teaching to Professor Tarunjit Butalia.Charles E. MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching 

Tarunjit Butalia, CEGE – For being a kind-hearted, passionate, diligent and charismatic professor who bends over backwards to motivate students to be confident in their engineering skills.

Named for the late Dean of the College of Engineering, this award is presented annually to faculty members who have demonstrated, in a superior manner, their interest in and willingness to help students and outstanding teaching ability. 

Lumley Interdisciplinary Research Awards 

Joshua Goldberger, Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Arts & Sciences; Joseph Heremans, MAE; and Wolfgang Windl, MSE – For their contributions to the fields of magnetic and quasi-two-dimensional materials, as well as their pioneering work in the fundamental understanding of materials. [Read more about their research]

Jun Liu, BME; Cynthia Roberts, BME; Xueliang (Jeff) Pan, Biomedical Informatics, College of Medicine; and Paul Weber, Eye and Ear Institute – For their contributions in ocular biomechanics and understanding the relationship between intraocular pressure and corneal biomechanical properties, and their measurements.

Named for John H. Lumley (’27, ceramic engineering), this team award recognizes interdisciplinary research accomplishments of the college’s faculty and research staff. 

Lumley Research Awards 

Nicholas Brunelli, CBE; Tyler Grassman, MSE; Abhishek Gupta, ECE; David Hoelzle, MAE; Jinwoo Hwang, MSE; Rachel Kajfez, EED; Waleed Khalil, ESL; Randall Mathison, MAE; Matthew Reilly, BME; Alan Ritter, CSE; Hari Subramoni, CSE; Cathy Xia, ISE; Caglar Yardim, ECE; and Yinqian Zhang, CSE

The Lumley Engineering Research Awards are presented to a select group of outstanding researchers in the College of Engineering who have shown exceptional activity and success in pursuing new knowledge of a fundamental or applied nature.