College honors teaching, research excellence at 18th annual Faculty Awards

Posted: April 24, 2015

group photo of the 2015 awardees
18th Annual College of Engineering Distinguished Faculty Awards Honorees
The College of Engineering annually honors faculty members for outstanding teaching and research at the Distinguished Faculty Awards. The 2015 awardees were recognized on April 23 in the Blackwell ballroom.

Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education

Junmin Wang, MAE, for his outstanding scholarly contributions in addressing practical challenges of societal relevance, and his superior commitment to the education and mentoring of students.

Established in 1983 with a gift from Doris and Stanley Harrison (’58, electrical engineering), this award honors an early to mid-career faculty member’s excellence in teaching and qualitative aspects of teaching, exceptional research, or contributions to engineering or architecture concepts. 

The Clara M. and Peter L. Scott Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education 

Ness Shroff, CSE, in honor of his seminal contributions to the modeling, analysis and control of communication networks; for his outstanding mentoring of students and faculty; and for leadership and distinctive service to the engineering profession.

In honor of Peter Scott, a 1949 Ohio State graduate in electrical engineering who received an honorary doctoral degree in 1995, this award recognizes a senior faculty member who has achieved both national and international status as a leading educator and researcher. 

Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Engineering Innovation 

Peter M. Anderson, MSE, and Wolfgang Windl, MSE, for developing one of the first in-depth and most comprehensive curricula in computational materials science in the country, ensuring that Ohio State students are better prepared for the challenges of the Materials Genome Initiative than any others.

Named for the late Ralph L. Boyer (’24, mechanical engineering), the award is presented to a faculty team or to an individual faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of undergraduate engineering education. 

"Building Bridges" Excellence Award 

Gustavo Leone, Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical Genetics; College of Medicine, has been instrumental in collaborating with the College of Engineering to jointly recruit researchers across multiple engineering disciplines who collaborate with medical researchers to invent new ways to understand the mechanisms of cancer, and new methods for cancer diagnosis and therapy.

This award is presented each year to a non-COE faculty member at Ohio State who demonstrates excellence and accomplishment in the development and implementation of collaborative activities and programs between his or her academic unit and the College of Engineering. 

Charles E. MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching 

Jerald Brevick, ISE, for his enthusiasm to inspire students to learn more about engineering both inside and outside of the classroom.

Named for the late Dean of the College of Engineering, this award is presented annually to faculty members who have demonstrated, in a superior manner, their interest in and willingness to help students. 

David C. McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award 

Ronald Reano, ECE, for his outstanding teaching and for creating innovative optics and photonics programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. 

This award recognizes the contributions of College of Engineering junior faculty and staff to create more innovative and effective teaching and learning. 

Dean’s Meritorious Service to Students Award 

Allen Sheldon, Honda, was instrumental in garnering Honda’s support for establishing the Ohio State Simulation Innovation and Modeling Center (SIMCenter). He developed the concept of the center and was the driving force behind its establishment and rapid growth. Following Allen’s vision, the SIMCenter is a successful educational center for both graduate and undergraduate students.

This award recognizes an individual or group from outside the Ohio State community for exemplary service to students of the College of Engineering or Knowlton School of Architecture. 

Faculty Diversity Excellence Award 

Lisa Abrams, EEIC, in honor of her lifelong, personal commitment to promoting the success of female and other underrepresented engineering students who have lacked the college preparation and peer support groups and structures that majority student populations have enjoyed. She has successfully implemented programmatic and personal initiatives toward this goal.

This award recognizes an individual or team demonstrating excellence and success in the development and implementation of models, strategies, practices and programs that foster and enhance diversity in the college. 

Faculty Mentoring Award

Longya Xu, ECE, in recognition of his patience, creativity and effective mentoring of young faculty members. Under his mentorship, junior professors in the electric power research area have been able to jump start their careers and formed a strong research team that has been recognized by multiple national and international awards.

This award is presented to an individual faculty member for demonstrated excellence in the mentoring of one or more early-career faculty members within the college.

Honda-OSU Partnership Award 

In his role as associate director for the Honda-OSU Partnership Program from 2011-2014, Tim Downing, Honda, catalyzed the development of the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence concept that has become a signature thrust for the college and university. He has also been an effective and tireless advocate for students and STEM education. 

The Honda-OSU Partnership Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to promoting and strengthening this historic partnership. 

Innovators Award 

James W. Davis, CSE, for demonstrating two outstanding and unique innovations. First, he created a new algorithm for audio analysis (automatic polarity configuration), which is now used by audio engineers. In addition, Davis was instrumental in helping launch a new virtual company process within Ohio State.

This award is presented each year to an individual or team of faculty and/or research scientists who best demonstrate innovation in the development of a product and/or technology originating from the Ohio State research enterprise. 

Lumley Interdisciplinary Research Awards 

Heather M. Powell, MSE and Chandan K. Sen, General Surgery, College of Medicine, in recognition of their research in the area of wound healing with an exciting specific sub-focus on skin biomechanics post injury.

Team Nuclear Analytics: Alper Yilmaz, CEGE; Tunc Aldemir, MAE; Umit Catalyurek, Biomedical Informatics, College of Medicine; and Richard Denning, formerly of MAE, in honor of the application of their interdisciplinary expertise in computer imaging, nuclear engineering, data mining in high dimensional data and high performance computing to study the probabilistic risk assessment of nuclear power plants and nuclear proliferation issues.

Douglas Kniss, Obstetrics & Gynecology, College of Medicine, and Samir Ghadiali, BME, for their interdisciplinary work focused on the mechanism by which breast cancer cells, which—like all cells—are capable of motion, sometimes congregate and collectively migrate. This migration, or metastasis, to other organs is the primary challenge in treating cancer disease.

Named for John H. Lumley (’27, ceramic engineering), this team award recognizes interdisciplinary research accomplishments of the college’s faculty and research staff. 

Lumley Research Awards 

Aravind Asthagiri, CBE; Chi-Chih Chen, ECE; Atilla Eryilmaz, ECE; Jack J. McNamara, MAE; Niru Nahar, ECE; Feng Qin, CSE; Ramteen Sioshansi, ISE; Kannan Srinivasan, CSE; Haijun Su, MAE; David Talbot, MAE; Ronald Xu, BME; and Wei Zhang, ECE

The Lumley Engineering Research Awards are presented to a select group of outstanding researchers in the College of Engineering who have shown exceptional activity and success in pursuing new knowledge of a fundamental or applied nature.