Women in Engineering Program


The Women in Engineering (WiE) Program at The Ohio State University was established in 1979 in order to increase the participation of women within the engineering profession. The WiE program fosters a supportive learning environment and culture within the College of Engineering and beyond. In partnership with corporations, faculty, students and alumni, educational and community organizations; WiE’s mission is to work as a change agent to increase the number of women pursuing engineering degrees and entering the workforce as engineering professionals. The WiE network includes innovative and exciting programming to introduce girls to engineering opportunities and to support women in reaching their full potential. To view our flyer, click here.

Women in Engineering programming is designed to increase the number of women pursuing degrees and careers in engineering while fostering their future success. While Women in Engineering events are designed to encourage and support women they are open to all students regardless of gender identity.

female student on Scott walkway

As a buckeye engineer,

"...I will create innovative solution connecting humans and technology.”

– Lily Andualem