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Bachelor of science in engineering technology program (BSET)

The bachelor of science in engineering technology program (BSET) is ideal for prospective students who like to find solutions to problems, are interested in leadership roles and want to learn how things work. Manufacturers worldwide are looking for graduates who have these characteristics and possess skills that integrate business and leadership principles with engineering processes and technical knowledge.

This BSET is only available on the regional campuses. Learn more on the BSET program webpage.

Regional campus to Columbus campus

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Interested in an Engineering degree offered on Columbus campus? Regional campus students interested in Engineering, should visit the Engineering Advising website.

Criteria to transition to engineering on Columbus campus: 

  • 2.0 or better cumulative OSU GPA 

  • earn 30 hours or more of college credit after high school (terms of enrollment through post-secondary enrollment programs such as Academy, College Credit Plus, and AP/IB credit do not count toward these hours) 

  • earned credit or enrolled in Calculus I (Math 1151) during the proposed first semester in engineering on Columbus campus

Applying to your major


Students seeking admission to Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science Engineering/Computer Information Science, and Mechanical Engineering must indicate one of these pre-majors when initially applying to Ohio State on the Common Application. Only students in these pre-majors may apply to their respective major. For example, a student who is seeking admission to the Biomedical Engineering major will only be able to do so if they are pre-Biomedical Engineering at the time of application. 

All students will select and apply to three majors of interest (ranked in order of preference), during the semester that eligibility courses are completed, which generally occurs during the second semester of enrollment. ). We encourage students to thoughtfully explore all available engineering majors. You can find information on application deadlines, processes, and requirements by visiting Admission to Major | Engineering Advising ( Please contact your academic advisor if you have additional questions or concerns.

The process requires students to verify their coursework and respond to a few short essay prompts (about 250 words each). Students will address their interest in the three selected majors, their experiences working with teams, and their life experiences influencing their desire to pursue engineering.

Admitted to Regional Campus? Connect with your campus

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