Academic Impact


Two Exceptional Departments, Stronger Together

Exponential Impact
Imagine the possibilities when our immensely talented faculty and students have access to a world-class facility—the discoveries they will make, the problems they will solve.

The Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex will house two exceptional departments—materials science and engineering and biomedical engineering—under one roof. Materials science and engineering will benefit from modernized facilities, while the biomedical engineering department will move to central campus from its current home on west campus.

When faculty and students from these two departments come together, there is no limit to the innovation that is possible.

Showcase Teaching and Learning
Students at the complex will experience one of the best learning atmospheres in the nation. This will be evident to all who visit, as walls of windows in classrooms will put experiential teaching and learning on display. The complex will enable both departments to significantly increase their student body, and engage in proactive student recruiting as the best, brightest students worldwide are drawn to pursue opportunities at Ohio State.