Time & Change Campaign: Healthy, Vibrant Communities

Goal: $90 million

Receiving an engineering education from The Ohio State University can positively impact the trajectory of a young person’s life, especially that of a first-generation college student. Through expanding student services, enhancing curriculum, adding faculty and creating new learning environments, we can offer more transformational experiences to more Buckeye Engineers.


As one of more than 75 land-grant institutions in the U.S., Ohio State emphasizes its role as an economic engine, primarily through the development of tomorrow’s workforce. Historically, land-grant universities were an innovative way of supporting the country through economic growth in key fields like agriculture, science and engineering, while also providing residents of all socioeconomic backgrounds a chance to succeed through higher education. Community outreach also is a core tenet of the College of Engineering. Notably focused on underrepresented and underserved communities, faculty and students regularly engage in humanitarian engineering initiatives, as well as K-12 STEM education efforts to encourage the next generation of engineers. The college’s leadership intends to strengthen and expand these efforts, and is looking to resources raised during the campaign to move these initiatives forward in an impactful manner.

Program and Curriculum Support
Goal: $38 million

The college is proud to offer its architecture and engineering students one of the most comprehensive academic programs in the country. In addition, extracurricular programming that enriches the student experience and provides opportunities for student growth and leadership are critical to a best-in-class education. Increased funding across a broad range of programming will help ensure that Ohio State maintains and enhances its standing among the top architecture and engineering programs nationally.

Experiential learning has long been a pillar and strength of the curriculum in the College of Engineering. Ohio State produces architects and engineers who are among the most sought-after in the country through incorporating hands-on learning from first-year courses through senior capstone projects. But these tactile experiences — including teams that compete internationally and research labs that welcome undergraduates — require significant time and resources. With a fundraising focus in this area, the college aims to expand experiential learning and drive the growth of opportunities to the benefit of all students.

Learning Environments
Goal: $40 million

AEP Foundation Atrium
American Electric Power Foundation Atrium in Fontana Labs

Modern, comfortable and well-equipped spaces enhance learning, creativity and collaboration. In the past decade, the College of Engineering has combined donor philanthropy and state funding to build or renovate state-of-the-art facilities benefitting students in multiple engineering disciplines and aviation. But outdated spaces remain, and the need to address these issues for all students persists.

A top priority for the college in the Time and Change campaign is to raise $30 million or more to complete the design and construction of the Biomedical and Materials Engineering Complex (BMEC). The project brings Biomedical Engineering from West Campus to innovate and educate alongside Materials Science and Engineering, enabling both departments to significantly increase their undergraduate and graduate student capacity. Serving as a stunning new campus gateway to Engineering and Architecture, the BMEC facility will enable the college to reach out to collaborate more effectively with experts from other fields across the university, such as medicine and the health sciences.

Discretionary Funds
Goal: $12 million

Also known as broad purpose or unrestricted giving, discretionary funding is critical to the well-being of the College of Engineering. Unrestricted gifts can be used to support initiatives that are of highest priority to leadership of the college or a department, and provide the college the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities as they arise. For example, they can be deployed to provide seed funding for promising new research, incentivize faculty recruitment or meet critical student needs that occur periodically, as we witnessed during the pandemic.

The quiet phase of Time and Change began on October 1, 2016, and the public phase was launched in October 2019 with three core areas:

With an ambitious campaign fundraising goal of $450 million, the College of Engineering will be instrumental in helping the university achieve its ambitious goals and invest in vital focus areas that champion human potential.

Please join our pursuit of these ambitious goals by contributing to Time and Change: The Ohio State Campaign

For further information or to learn more about supporting the College of Engineering, email eng-giveto@osu.edu or call 614-292-0932.