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Engineering Scholarships for Incoming Freshmen


Funds are made available to academically talented students applying to The Ohio State University College of Engineering. Our engineering scholarships are designed to be integrated into a student’s total financial aid package.

There are two distinct goals for our engineering scholarship programs: recruitment and retention. In the College of Engineering we allot 15% of our scholarship funding dollars to recruit new freshmen. The remaining 85% of the funding focus is on retention, and awarded to enrolled students beginning the sophomore year. For the 2017-2018 academic year, the College of Engineering and the individual engineering departments awarded on average over 2,600 engineering scholarships worth approximately $4 million to our undergraduate students.

Please note: The engineering scholarship programs listed in this section are used primarily to recruit new freshmen.

The College of Engineering has a variety of need and merit based Current-Use and Endowment accounts earmarked for financial support of enrolled engineering students. If you are not offered one of our recruitment scholarships for your freshman year, you remain eligible for funding in future years. At Ohio State's College of Engineering, your opportunities for funding actually increase as you progress through our curriculum.

For additional information about engineering scholarship programs, please contact Marian Carter, scholarship program manager, at 614-688-8074 or

Scholarship Timeline
August 1 The Ohio State Special Scholarships Application will become available for freshmen seeking to gain admission to the university for autumn 2019.
November 1 Early action and priority deadline for freshmen applying to the Columbus campus. Freshmen applying to the Columbus campus must submit their complete admission application by November 1 to be considered for this major. Please see for more details.
February 1 Regular decision deadline for freshmen applying to the Columbus campus. Please see for more details.
February 1 Deadline for the Special Scholarships Application (for freshmen seeking to gain admission to the university for 2019-2020). Students who submit the scholarship will receive an email confirming receipt of the application. 
February 1 FAFSA and Ohio State Application for Special Scholarships Deadline. Please see the Student Financial Aid website for more details.
Late February or Early March

Ohio State Financial Aid will notify students by email regarding their aid packages for 2019-2020. This notification will list all sources of aid, including any scholarships awarded by the College of Engineering. The College of Engineering and its individual departments will also mail letters to those students who have received an award as a result of their Special Scholarships Application submission.

May 1 Acceptance Fee Payment Deadline

All new freshmen students who wish to apply for College of Engineering scholarships (including those offered by departments, Women in Engineering and the Minority Engineering Program) must complete the Special Scholarships Application

Helpful Hints:

  • You can submit the scholarship application as soon as you have an Ohio State user name from your admission application! You will need to activate your Ohio State user name before starting the scholarship application. You can activate your account at
  • The application includes questions about your activities and involvement in high school and asks for a short essay describing how you are prepared to study engineering at Ohio State. 
  • Think about how you can make your application unique! Many students who submit the application highlight their love of Legos from a young age, being inspired by family members who are engineers, and their performance in and enjoyment of challenging math and science classes. These are good reasons to start thinking about engineering, and are often part of an average application. However, students with outstanding applications tend to give more detailed and specific examples from their own recent experiences.