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Student Organization

Many students enhance their academic career by becoming involved in student project teams and organizations. These activities can provide leadership opportunities, hands-on engineering experience and a chance to meet other engineering students.

Agricultural Systems Management Club
The purpose of this organization is to promote Agriculture and Construction in the professional field.
American Academy of Environmental Engineers
The OSU Student Chapter is a professional organization committed to bringing together students with a common interest in Environmental Engineering, providing them with networking opportunities, and opportunities to engage in the community while serving the environment.
American Ceramic Society
Our purpose is to promote among our members an increasing knowledge of ceramic science. We are dedicated to promoting ceramic science to interested students in the College of Engineering along with potential future Ohio State engineering students. We also plan community service and social activities to provide interaction between the students, faculty, and staff in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.
American Foundry Society
The purpose of this organization is to provide and promote knowledge of the metal casting industry and to cultivate relationships between industry leaders and student members.
American Indian Science and Engineering Society
The mission of AISES is to substantially increase the representation of American Indian and Alaskan Natives in Engineering, Science, and other related technology disciplines.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
The mission of AAIA is to address the professional needs and interests of the past, current, and future aerospace workforce and to advance the state of aerospace science, engineering, technology, operations, and policy to benefit our global society.
American Institute of Architecture Students
A professional organization for architectural students. The OSU chapter seeks to broaden the education received by architectural students by providing out-of-class architecture related experiences, a link with the profession, community service, and a forum for student thought.
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
A professional organization for students interested in chemical engineering. The Student Chapter of AIChE offers students opportunities to interact with practicing professionals, faculty, and fellow students. Members participate in regional and national meetings where they present papers, attend workshops and network with professionals in the field of chemical engineering.
American Nuclear Society
A professional organization for students interested in nuclear power, medical and other uses of radioactive materials, cleanup of contaminated nuclear sites, and radiation protection. Members attend and present educational programs, perform community service, and meet faculty and other students with similar interests at social functions. Members are encouraged to participate in regional and national meetings where they present papers and network with professionals in the nuclear field.
American Society for Engineering Education
The purpose of this organization is to empower students to participate in improving engineering education through:
-Developing interest in engineering science and technology at a K-12 level through the efforts of outreach events and activities
-Informing students about graduate studies and encouraging them to pursue advanced degrees in engineering science and education
-Assisting students interested in careers in education to develop the teaching, service, and research skills in order to help them succeed
-Encouraging student, faculty and staff involvement in ASEE activities
-Engaging underrepresented minority participation through focused recruitment efforts and by addressing concerns unique to minorities
-Providing resources in pursuit of the above activities.
American Society for Quality
ASQ is a society dedicated to the ongoing development, advancement, and promotion of Quality concepts, principles, and techniques.
American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
ASABE is a society for engineers interested in Food, Agricultural, and Biological Systems. The Ohio State Student Branch of ASABE offers students opportunities to interact with practicing professionals, faculty, and fellow students. Local members are encouraged to be members of the national organization and attend regional and national meetings.
American Society of Civil Engineers
A professional organization for students interested in careers in civil engineering. Members attend talks by professional engineers on current topics of interest to the profession, and participate in field trips to project sites. Emphasis is given to relating academic coursework to career and professional goals. Students have the opportunity to participate in chapter sponsored team projects and attend regional and national professional meetings and conferences.
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, & Air Conditioning
ASHRAE has been at OSU for more than 25 years and encourages interest in the field of environmental control for people, plants, animals, and processes. ASHRAE helps prepare students for a career in the field of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, which makes a tremendous contribution to the gross national product of the country, but is so diverse that it is almost unseen.
American Society of Landscape Architects
SCASLA, the Student Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects, is the social and professional organization of Landscape Architecture students. SCASLA focuses student life within the section by coordinating social events, speakers, mentoring programs, and design charrettes.
American Society of Mechanical Engineers
ASME is a professional society for mechanical engineers around the world. The OSU student chapter offers a wide variety of activities, which benefit students in the department of mechanical engineering. All undergraduates who are interested in mechanical engineering are eligible for membership.
American Welding Society
A professional organization with the goal of advancing the science, technology of welding engineering. Students have the opportunity to participate in technical meetings and plant visits. The chapter is a the focal point for social activities and career development, annually presents a Welding Open House to inform other students of opportunities in welding engineering, and staffs the OSU booth at the annual AWS Convention.
Association of Computing Machinery
One of the largest worldwide associations of computing professionals. Student members of ACM participate in programming contests, receive reduced rates on many ACM journals and magazines, attend special recruiting sessions, and visit local computing industries.
Association of Computing Machinery - Women
ACM\\\'s committee on Women in Computing celebrates, informs and supports women in computing, and works with a vast community of computer scientists, educators, employers and policy makers to improve working and learning environments for women.
Biomedical Engineering Society
A professional organization for students interested in cross-disciplinary research in Biomedical engineering. Functions to promote awareness of opportunities for such research for both graduate and undergraduate students and increase the visibility of the Biomedical engineering center on the OSU campus.
Buckeyes for Green Solutions
The purpose and intent of The Green Engineering Club is to establish a community of individuals devoted to working together to serve and better the planet and world community. This organization will focus on how engineering can positively change the world.
City and Regional Planning Student Association
The Ohio State University City and Regional Planning Student Association (CRPSA) is an organization dedicated to enhancing the student experience for its members through community engagements, professional development opportunities, social events, and travel assistance to the American Planning Association Conference. 
Ecological Engineering Society
The purpose of this organization is to educate ourselves and others about ecological engineering and the potential for ecological engineering, to develop our potential as ecological engineers, to develop ecological engineering as a course of study at OSU and as an area of science in the broader community, and to influence local and global sustainability.
Engineers Council
The Engineers Council consists of officers, general members, and representatives of the student organizations within the College of Engineering. E-Council strives to establish a more general recognition for the College of Engineering, to develop a closer relationship to engineering students, and to bring the students in closer touch with practical engineering promotion. Annual events include Engineering Expo in the fall and ArchE Week in the spring, in addition to social and service events throughout the year. E-Council is the local chapter for OSU of the National Association of Engineering Student Councils (NAESC).
Engineers for a Sustainable World
Promotes developing solutions for reducing poverty and increasing environmental, social, and economic sustainability worldwide. Students participate in both domestic and international development projects, as well as education and outreach activities.
Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
The purpose of this organization is to foster a greater social and academic community amongst human factors researchers and students at the university, Create a relationship between the university human factors community and members at the state and national level, Keep members up to date on research and practice within the human factors community through guest speakers and site visits to area practitioners.
Institute for Operations Research & the Management Sciences
INFORMS is the primary organization for people involved in the theory and application of operations research methodology. Its mission is to improve decision-making through operations research, management science and the scientific method. INFORMS sponsors four major journals and annually holds two national meetings.
Institute of Biological Engineering
The Institute of Biological Engineering was established to encourage inquiry, application and interest in biological engineering as a science-based, application-independent discipline. Biological engineers possess the scientific knowledge of biology including its philosophical views, are proficient in the principles and practices of engineering, and are capable of integrating discoveries from multiple disciplines to design solutions for problems.
Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers
The purpose of this organization is to advance global prosperity by fostering technological innovation, enabling members' careers and promoting community world-wide. As the Ohio State branch, we look to help students create a network with faculty, other students, and engineers from industry.<br>
Institute of Industrial Engineers
IIE provides leadership in developing industrial engineering; in representing the industrial engineering profession; and in enhancing the capabilities of those who are involved in or manage the application, education, training, research or development of industrial engineering.
Material Advantage
An umbrella organization of the Materials Science and Engineering department whose primary goal is to promote involvement between students and faculty which can lead to co-ops, internships, and part-time work. Activities include pizza parties, plant tours, and guest speakers.
National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers
NOBCChE at The Ohio State University is committed to the discovery transmittal, and application of knowledge in the fields of science and engineering. The mission of NOBCChE at OSU therefore is to build an eminent community of scientists and engineers by increasing the number and retention rates of minorities in these fields on the OSU campus. NOBCChE at OSU will achieve its mission through diverse programs designed to foster professional and social development and encourage students to pursue careers in science and technical fields. Also NOBCChE at OSU is focused on helping to create a conducive atmosphere for minority students to prosper. To this end, NOBCChE at OSU will establish educational partnerships with other organizations on campus, municipalities, businesses, industries, other institutions and organizations in the public and private sectors.
National Society of Black Engineers
The purpose of this organization is to increase the number of black culturally responsible engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.
Out in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
OSTEM provides support for GLBT and straight ally students, faculty and staff by educating peers and connecting students, faculty and staff with professionals in industry.
Professional Land Surveyors of Ohio
Dedicated to the advancement of the Profession of Land Surveyors at OSU, especially among surveying students. The chapter is directly involved with policy development at PLSO, through its delegates to the PLSO Executive. Various social activities are also held.
It shall be the purpose of SERVitecture to encourage and promote Knowlton School of Architecture student and faculty involvement through community service opportunities related to the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and City and Regional Planning.
Society for Biological Engineering
With the launch of the Society for Biological Engineering, AIChE endeavors to be the professional association of choice for engineers and applied scientists with interest in the broad area of biological engineering. Organized by AIChE and prominent leaders in industry, academe, and government, the Society for Biological Engineering will work to expand the reaches of chemical engineering, build upon the interdisciplinary nature of biological engineering, and provide opportunities for successful connections. As the global leader of the chemical engineering profession, AIChE provides programs and services essential to you and your career. The Society for Biological Engineering will continue this legacy by developing new products and services that integrate biology and chemical engineering and are cost effective, relevant, and bring value to this broad community. As the discipline evolves, so will we. Our objective is to provide a professional home to those who will reshape and redefine the biological and chemical industries as we currently know them.
Society of Business and Engineering
The Society of Business Engineers (SoBE) is an organization of students at Ohio State University whose primary objective is to increase the business perspective, professionalism, and leadership of its members through activities and experiences outside the traditional academic environment. SoBE invites students from the College of Engineering, the Fisher College of Business, and other academic areas, who share an interest in the exciting world of business, to interact with each other and take advantage of various industry and academic resources.
Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers
SASE's mission is to prepare Asian heritage students for success in the transnational, global business world, promote diversity and tolerance on campuses and in the workplace and provide opportunities for its members to make contributions to their local communities.
Society of Automotive Engineers
The Society of Automotive Engineers is an OSU Student Chapter of SAE worldwide. The society will help students interested in pursuing a career in the automotive industry to connect with the worlds largest automotive professional organization.
Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers
The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (Formerly, Organization of Hispanic students in Engineering and Architecture (OHSEA)) is The Ohio State University's student chapter of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE). Since 1990 SHPE has been helping Ohio State University students achieve excellence by offering a wide variety of programs and services. We are brought together by heritage, social responsibility and desire to improve the equality of all people through the use of science and technology. We value excellence in education, professional pursuits and leadership. We obtain excellence through integrity, empowerment, achievement, diversity and continuous improvement.
Society of Manufacturing Engineers
The Ohio State University chapter of SME fosters a wide student interest and participation in manufacturing engineering by providing leadership, programs, services, and instruction. SME assists students in developing skills and knowledge of manufacturing and provides social interaction between chapters members.
Society of Physics Students
Members are exposed to the many facets of the diverse field of physics: low temperature physics, high energy physics, chaos theory, astrophysics, etc. Through our society, members not only meet fellow students with whom they can share ideas and collaborate on homework, members also meet faculty who may provide research opportunities through jobs and/or project advisorship. While many of our activities focus on the academic aspects of physics, we also regularly host purely recreational events such as ultimate frisbee and sand volleyball games.
Society of Women Engineers
The mission of SWE is to stimulate women to achieve full potential in their careers as engineers and leaders, to expand the image of the engineering profession as a positive force in improving the quality of life, and to demonstrate the value of diversity.
Society of Women in Physics
The purpose of this organization is to support women interested in physics-- as an organization, we would like to create a supportive and welcoming environment for women currently interested in/enrolled in physics classes at Ohio State and we would also like to encourage the future participation of women in physics through outreach activities at local schools.
Structural Engineers Association of Ohio
The purpose of this organization is to advance and advocate excellence in structural engineering and provide direct links to industry.
Theme Park Engineering Group
The purpose of the Theme Park Engineering Group is to enhance the knowledge of science, engineering, and creative design throughout the academic community through the utilization of experiences within the theme park industry. This may consist of, but is not limited to, collaboration with other organizations, companies, academic institutions, and research facilities.
Women in Aviation, International
The purpose of this organization is to serve as the local student chapter of the organization Women in Aviation International by supporting and encouraging women in all aviation interests, opportunities, and career fields.