Student Organization Awards Nominations

The College of Engineering, along with Engineers’ Council, hosts the annual Student Organization Awards (SOA) each spring. The event recognizes outstanding engineering and Knowlton School student organizations and their advisors. All engineering and architecture student organizations recognized by the college are eligible for consideration. 

The nomination window for the awards is now open until the end of the day March 21, 2021.

Nomination Process

Student organizations can nominate their team by documenting their activity via a video and submit it as their nomination. The criteria for video nominations are:

  1. Each video should be no more than three minutes, covering all award areas.
  2. Videos must be in MP4 format.
  3. Include an introduction, title and description of organization and provide a closing page.

Note: It would be a good practice to identify award areas in the video by labeling each portion of the video for a particular award. 

Important: When your video is ready for submission, please have the video submitter contact Winnie Sampson at for nomination upload access.

It is highly recommended to start recording activity and events now. 

Award Categories

Student groups can nominate themselves for the following awards with the opportunity for their submission to be considered for the Overall Outstanding Student Organization. This overall award recognizes the organization that demonstrates strength in multiple areas. All awards include a cash award.

Outstanding Partnership with Industry Award - Recognizes the organization that demonstrates a deep, multifaceted partnership with a corporation or non-profit entity.

Outstanding Community or University Service Award - Recognizes the organization that best demonstrates dedicated leadership and service to the university or community and whose membership has made service an integral part of their college experience. This might be demonstrated through activities and partnerships with other campus groups or community organizations and/or high levels of personal engagement on the part of the membership.

Distinctive Image Award - Recognizes the organization that demonstrates strength in multiple areas that include:

  • Serving as a positive force for the College of Engineering and Knowlton School.
  • Showing a commitment to academic excellence, leadership, diversity and inclusion, community service and professional development.
  • Displaying a significant presence in and attention from traditional and social media outlets.

Diversity Inclusion Enhancement Award - Recognizes the organization that has demonstrated inclusion through their membership and activities. Their membership reflects an inclusive culture with respect to ethnicity, race, sexual orientation (LGBTQA), religion, gender, nationality and socioeconomic status.

Diversity Outreach Award -  Recognizes the organization that has had a significant impact increasing awareness of the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion through their activities in the college, university, and/or community.

Outstanding Outreach with K-12 Award - Recognizes the organization that creates and implements the most innovative or impactful engineering activity in K-12.

Outstanding Advisor Award - Recognizes and honors the efforts of the student organization advisor for their leadership, guidance and support of the organization. To be eligible, the advising role should not be a part of the assigned duties of the advisor in their university position. Please visit the Engineers' Council website to nominate advisors.  Uploading recommendation letters will be required. 

The College of Engineering would like to learn about and celebrate the work that student organizations are doing! Please consider nominating your group.

Questions? Email Winnie Sampson ( or David Tomasko (, or call 614-688-4602.

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