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Early Engagement


The College of Engineering is committed to engaging students, faculty and staff to positively impact engineering career awareness and preparation in K-12 education, especially among underrepresented students and communities.


Broaden Participation

  • Bring opportunities to underserved K – 12 students so that they become aware of engineering careers and are knowledgeable about pathways to get there.

Support Broader Impacts

  • Enable faculty to extend their teaching and research in a way that encourages and supports the next generation of students to become aware of, and be prepared for, engineering as a course of study and career path.

Building a Culture of Outreach

  • Foster an environment for faculty, staff and students, where outreach is a normative and expected behavior.

Enlist Student Ambassadors

  • Integrate outreach into the student experience to prepare graduates for careers marked by service to their communities.