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Posted: July 29, 2022

The Ohio State College of Engineering not only prepares the next generation of Buckeye engineers to tackle the world’s problems, it develops leaders who advance higher education and the engineering profession. As of August, 11 alumni serve as presidents, provosts or deans of engineering at U.S. colleges and universities.

Peggy Agouris


Peggy Agouris
MS ’88, PhD ’92, geodetic science
Provost, William & Mary        



Suresh Garimella


Suresh V. Garimella
MS ’86, mechanical engineering
President, University of Vermont
Member, National Science Board



Mark Horstemeyer


Mark Horstemeyer
MS ’87, engineering mechanics
Dean of Engineering, Liberty University




Thawi Iwagoshi


Thawi Iwagoshi
BS ’87, MS ’90, ceramic engineering; PhD ’96, materials science and engineering       
Dean of Engineering, San Francisco Bay University




Vijay Kumar


Vijay Kumar
MS ’85, PhD ’87, mechanical engineering     
Nemirovsky Family Dean of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Pennsylvania




Teik Lim


Teik C. Lim
PhD ’89, mechanical engineering                    
President, New Jersey Institute of Technology



Mohamad Qatu


Mohamad S. Qatu
MS ’86, PhD ’89, engineering mechanics
Dean of Engineering and Technology, Eastern Michigan University




Lakshmi Reddi


Lakshmi Reddi
MS ’84, PhD ’88, civil engineering
Dean of Engineering, New Mexico State University 




Brian Rigling


Brian Rigling
MS ’00, PhD ’03, electrical engineering        
Dean of Engineering and Computer Science, Wright State University   




Joseph Szakas


Joseph Szakas
MS ’95, PhD ’97, geodetic science
Interim President, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Provost, University of Maine at Augusta




John Volakis

John L. Volakis
MS ’79, PhD ’82, electrical engineering
Dean of Engineering and Computing, Florida International University

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