Ohio State Engineering earns Career Readiness Leader Award

Posted: November 19, 2021
Engineering students speaks to recruiter at career fair
2019 Engineering Expo Career Fair

The Ohio State University College of Engineering has been recognized as a Career Readiness Leader by SkillSurvey, a leading provider of talent intelligence and career readiness solutions.

Ohio State was named a Top 5 “Career Ready” Engineering School. The award recognizes top-performing institutions whose students received the highest evaluator ratings from over 60,000 supervisors and more than 20,000 employers following an internship, co-op, or other work-related experience.

More than 170 higher education institutions have used SkillSurvey’s Career Readiness platform developed in partnership with the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) to evaluate their students. Students are rated by employers on 30 behaviors tied to the eight NACE Competencies: critical thinking; communication; teamwork; technology; leadership; professionalism; career and self-development; and equity and inclusion.

Skill Survey Career Ready Badge

“To me, this recognition signifies that our students are definitely doing well in the workplace, are displaying these key competencies consistently, and remain a highly sought-after group for employers who want to hire engineering students,” said Engineering Career Services (ECS) Director Amy Thaci. 

SkillSurvey launched the Career Readiness Project to help students recognize their competence in relation to the behaviors needed to succeed in the workplace. Those competencies are defined by decades of behavioral science research, as well as NACE, their member institutions and employers as part of its Career Readiness Initiative.

Thaci said ECS agreed to be part of the pilot project for two semesters in 2019, during which more than 400 Buckeye engineers participated. Each student received a report on how they scored, providing them with valuable feedback on how “career ready” they were, along with insight on how their work-related competence compared to that of other students and actual job candidates in similar roles.

“We’re thrilled to honor The Ohio State University College of Engineering for innovatively supporting career readiness using SkillSurvey’s solution, which provides students and campus leaders with ‘hard data on soft skills.’” said Randy Bitting, head and co-founder of Career Readiness at SkillSurvey. “We want to highlight the leaders and innovators for their results and commitment to student success.” 

To learn more about the awards, visit skillsurvey.com.

by Meggie Biss, College of Engineering Communications | biss.11@osu.edu

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