Honda helps develop simulation and modeling capstone program

Posted: May 15, 2021
SIMCenter student viewing simulation on computer

The Ohio State University Simulation and Innovation Modeling Center (SIMCenter) received an $85,000 gift from Honda to develop an undergraduate capstone program in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. 

The Simulation Capstone experience will be available starting in the autumn 2021 semester. The first offering will be available to 12 students with the intention to grow the program in the coming years. In addition to the capstone curriculum, students will engage directly with modeling and simulation experts from Honda via guest lectures, mentoring, and collaboration activities. The course is among several programs at the SIMCenter and throughout the College of Engineering that aim to develop the digital engineering talent pipeline. 

With a focus on simulation-driven design, the course will teach students to use these virtual methods to inform the design process. Students will use simulation and modeling methods to explore design concepts and make engineering judgments from virtual and physical data. The design product may be a virtual model, which can be used and further developed by project stakeholders. 

Projects will be derived primarily from student organizations around campus, such as the motorsports team. Students involved with these activitiesmay propose simulation-based project concepts, but students who are not directly involved in student organizations are also encouraged to enroll if they are interested in simulation and modeling. All students enrolling in this capstone experience must demonstrate some interest in simulation and modeling since these virtual methods will be a central focus for all projects.