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Video: ElectroScience Laboratory in a Nutshell


Founded in 1942, the ElectroScience Laboratory (ESL) is one of the largest radio frequency and optics research laboratories in the world. Companies and universities from around the globe collaborate with ESL.

"At the ElectroScience Laboratory, world-class faculty and research scientists are exploring all aspects of electromagnetics and radio frequency systems," said Director Richard Ridgeway. "We are addressing some of the world's most complex problems, including climate change and hardware security."

ESL's research can be broken down into five core competencies: electromagnetics; mixed signal microelectronics; remote sensing; radar navigation and communication systems; and millimeter waves, terahertz and photonics. The center employs nearly 120 people including faculty, researchers and students. It encompasses more than 60,000 square feet of laboratory space including the largest academic anechoic chamber, considered to be one of the finest compact ranges in the world. 

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