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Engineering major values community

Sarah Greenbaum feels compelled to change her career trajectory. And the sky’s the limit.

After five years as a special education teacher, Greenbaum chose to pursue her passion for engineering and space exploration by enrolling in Ohio State’s College of Engineering in 2017.

Sarah Greenbaum

“Coming to Ohio State as a nontraditional student and taking on the identity of a Buckeye meant taking responsibility for my own potential,” said Greenbaum, who was selected for the Sesquicentennial Student Scholar Leadership Program. “Becoming a Buckeye also meant becoming part of a wonderfully diverse group of people.”

The large array of clubs and organizations available to students is a prime example of Ohio State’s diversity, she said. As an active member of Students for Diversity in Education through Service, she adores the friendships she’s made with people of different backgrounds and worldviews.

And while a diverse campus has been integral to Greenbaum’s experience, she treasures the shared community that is Ohio State. And there’s no better time to celebrate that than the university’s 150th anniversary.

“The Buckeye community and campus life is the way it is because of the actions of those who came before us,” Greenbaum said. “It reminds me I can take actions during my time at Ohio State, and even afterward, to impact that legacy in a positive way. “It is also a celebration of all that ties us together as Buckeyes. We all walk the same halls and go to the same football games. Celebrating the little things that bring us together is what makes us a strong community.”

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by Ross Bishof for The Ohio State Alumni Magazine