College celebrates teaching and research excellence at 20th annual faculty awards

Posted: May 24, 2017

The College of Engineering annually honors faculty members for outstanding teaching and research. The 2017 awardees were recognized on April 27 at the 20th annual Distinguished Faculty Awards.

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Harrison Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education

Jin Wang, ECE, for his leadership in electric power research and education.

Established in 1983 with a gift from Doris and Stanley Harrison (’58, electrical engineering), this award honors an early to mid-career faculty member’s excellence in teaching and qualitative aspects of teaching, exceptional research, or contributions to engineering or architecture concepts. 

The Clara M. and Peter L. Scott Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education 

Giorgio Rizzoni, MAE, for his leadership in education and research in the field of dynamic systems and control with application to energy efficient and clean transportation.

In honor of Peter Scott, a 1949 Ohio State graduate in electrical engineering who received an honorary doctoral degree in 1995, this award recognizes a senior faculty member who has achieved both national and international status as a leading educator and researcher. 

Dean’s Meritorious Service to Students Award 

Cathy Wicks, Texas Instruments, Inc., for her outstanding service to Ohio State electrical and computer engineering students, including her support of the Electronics Club, the annual Makeathon and education lab facilities.

This award recognizes an individual or group from outside the Ohio State community for exemplary service to students of the College of Engineering or Knowlton School of Architecture. 

Dean’s Award for Outstanding Teaching by a Lecturer

Chad Gibson, KSA, for his regional and national award-winning service learning courses and his effectiveness in transforming planning students into professional planners.

Established in 2015, this award honors an individual lecturer, senior lecturer or other auxiliary faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in their teaching within the college.

David C. McCarthy Engineering Teaching Award 

Aimee Ulstad, ISE, for transforming an ordinary production course into life-changing experiences for all our students using new software, case studies and industrial mentors.

This award recognizes the contributions of College of Engineering junior faculty and staff to create more innovative and effective teaching and learning. 

Ralph L. Boyer Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching Engineering Innovation 

Jaqueline Gargus, KSA, for her substantial contributions to all aspects of architectural education, particularly through her innovation on Internet and study abroad courses, making her knowledge available to the world, and, therefore, making the world available to her students.

Named for the late Ralph L. Boyer (’24, mechanical engineering), the award is presented to a faculty team or to an individual faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the improvement of undergraduate engineering education. 

20th Annual College of Engineering Distinguished Faculty Awards Honorees
Faculty Mentoring Award

Karen Mancl, FABE, for her dedication to the balanced, healthy and successful growth of her protégées through mentoring services focused on planning for effective teaching and research programs.

Steven Ringel, ECE, for his unmatched advocacy and dedication to helping young scientists and engineers reach their fullest potential and realize success. He also supports the strong infrastructure of user labs, interdisciplinary research opportunities, and large centers offered through the Institute for Materials Research.

This award recognizes an individual faculty member in the college for demonstrated excellence in the mentoring of one or more early-career faculty members within the college.

"Building Bridges" Excellence Award 

Jose Otero, College of Medicine, Department of Pathology, for bridging the gap between engineering students and healthcare by serving as a clinical partner for faculty in multiple departments.

This award is presented each year to a non-COE faculty member at Ohio State who demonstrates excellence and accomplishment in the development and implementation of collaborative activities and programs between his or her academic unit and the College of Engineering. 

Dean’s Award for Distinguished Outreach Achievements

Jessica Winter, CBE, for her collaboration with community partners to educate the public on the impact of nanoengineering in medicine.

Established in 2015, this award recognizes an individual faculty member who has demonstrated significant and longstanding achievement of positive community impact through outreach activities or programs within the college.

Faculty Diversity Excellence Award 

Gonul Kaletunc, FABE, for her dedication to the AWARES program, increasing the diversity in the engineering profession by equipping women students with career management skills to build confidence for a successful career.

This award recognizes an individual or team demonstrating excellence and success in the development and implementation of models, strategies, practices and programs that foster and enhance diversity in the college. 

Innovators Award 

Bharat Bhushan, MAE, for his original, creative and innovative research and development of bioinspired liquiphilic/phobic surfaces for commercial applications.

This award is presented each year to an individual or team who best demonstrate innovation in the development of a product and/or technology originating from the Ohio State research enterprise. 

Honda-Ohio State Partnership Award 

Glenn Daehn, MSE, for his dedicated, enduring work with Honda on innovative manufacturing technology and the development of novel joint administrative structures between Honda and Ohio State, including inaugural efforts to help establish the Center for Design Manufacturing Excellence.

The Honda-Ohio State Partnership Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to promoting and strengthening this historic partnership. 

Charles E. MacQuigg Award for Outstanding Teaching 

David Phillips, MSE, in recognition of his willingness to care for and help his students and their academic growth. He brings industry knowledge from his years as a welding engineer into his classroom, and fills his lectures with real-world examples and lessons.

Justin Diles, KSA, for demonstrating the qualities of an exceptional faculty member and teacher both inside the walls of the classroom and beyond. He is dedicated to students of the College of Engineering, delivering exceptional instruction, and also caring about their educational and emotional wellbeing.

Named for the late Dean of the College of Engineering, this award is presented annually to faculty members who have demonstrated, in a superior manner, their interest in and willingness to help students and outstanding teaching ability. 

Lumley Interdisciplinary Research Awards 

Jianjun Guan, MSE; and Zhenguo Liu, Internal Medicine, College of Medicine, for their research on combining biomaterials, stem cells, and cardiovascular drugs to control cardiovascular tissue regeneration.

Wu Lu, ECE; L. James Lee, CBE; and Daniel Gallego-Perez, BME, Surgery, College of Medicine, for their advancements on gene/drug delivery and cell reprogramming that provide a platform for fundamental biomedical research at single cell resolution and enables cell-based therapies that apply to a variety of clinical applications.

Named for John H. Lumley (’27, ceramic engineering), this team award recognizes interdisciplinary research accomplishments of the college’s faculty and research staff. 

Lumley Research Awards 

Rizwan Ahmad, ECE; Boian Alexandrov, MSE; Jeffrey M. Bielicki, CEGE, KSA; Carlos Castro, MAE; Yuejie Chi, ECE; Maryam Ghazisaeidi, MSE; Thomas J. Hund, BME; Can Emre Koksal, ECE; Steven Lavender, ISE; Sandip Mazumder, MAE; Stephen Niezgoda, MSE; Abdollah Shafieezadeh, CEGE and Huamin Wang, CSE

The Lumley Engineering Research Awards are presented to a select group of outstanding researchers in the College of Engineering who have shown exceptional activity and success in pursuing new knowledge of a fundamental or applied nature.