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Professor Kay Bea Jones Recognized as 2017 Ohio State Glass Breaker

Architecture Professor Kay Bea Jones has been recognized as a 2017 Ohio State Glass Breaker. She is one of five Ohio State women being honored by the President and Provost’s Council on Women for their extraordinary achievements and using those accomplishments to improve workplace culture and uplift women across the university.

President Michael V. Drake's 2020 Vision for Ohio State includes a charge for greater diversity and inclusion. In their daily work, the 2017 Glass Breakers live that mission.

Jones is known as a passionate, creative professional at Ohio State’s Knowlton School. The first woman faculty member in her department, she works every day to teach and inspire her students; and actively mentors other women.

“Architecture is a great field for women. I've watched the profession and my school increasingly improve as my female students have become renowned designers and my female colleagues have grown in number to produce significant creative works,” Jones said. “I am committed to watch these patterns continue.” 

Jones was one of the original team members who petitioned for change that lead to the creation of The Women’s Place. The Women’s Place at Ohio State serves as a catalyst for institutional change and opportunities for women’s growth. 

“I am grateful that these five remarkable women lend their talents to advancing Ohio State in unique and meaningful ways,” President Drake said. “They create a positive impact in the lives of so many in our campus community, and passionately encourage others to do the same.”

Read Jones’s interview about her work in the community and her views and advice for women working in the architecture profession on the Buckeye Voices 2020 Vision page.