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Grejner-Brzezinska elected president of ION

Dorota Grejner-BrzezinskaDorota Grejner-Brzezinska, chair and professor of civil, environmental and geodetic engineering was elected president of the Institute of Navigation (ION) for 2015-17. 

Grejner-Brzezinska is an ION Fellow and has served on the ION Council for the past 11 years in various elected roles. She is currently executive vice president and previously served as general chair and program chair of the ION GNSS meetings, the largest technical meeting and showcase of Global Navigation Satellite Systems technology, products and services. GIM International recently published an in-depth interview with Grejner-Brzezinska on the role of the ION, the latest developments and trends in GNSS survey solutions, and the future of GNSS.

Grejner-Brzezinska earned her PhD in geodetic science from The Ohio State University in 1995 and joined the civil engineering faculty in 1998. Shortly after, she established the Satellite Positioning and Inertial Navigation (SPIN) Laboratory. Her research focuses on Global Positioning System (GPS) and other space-based location technologies, inertial navigation, and sensor integration for assured location and navigation. 

ION is the premier non-profit professional society dedicated to the advancement of the art and science of positioning, navigation and timing. Founded in 1945, it serves a diverse community including those interested in air, space, marine, land navigation, and position determination.