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From Dean Williams: Investing in a world-class faculty

Dean WilliamsFrom teaching the next generation of Buckeye engineers and architects to conducting life-changing research, a world-class, a diverse faculty is central to The Ohio State College of Engineering’s mission. That’s why the college has prioritized investing in our faculty since 2010 and will continue to do so by hiring 45 to 60 new engineering and architecture faculty over the next two years. 

Achieving our research, entrepreneurial, and teaching and learning goals hinges on expanding the size of our faculty. With soaring enrollment, new degree programs launched in data analytics and global engineering leadership (to name a few), and more new initiatives on the horizon, we must invest in outstanding faculty to help us train the next generation.

Progress is already underway. Since fiscal 2011, we’ve hired 50 new tenure track faculty and 26 new clinical/research faculty. Add this to the 45 to 60 new faculty hires planned over the next two years and we will have replaced more than 33% of our tenure track faculty within five years. This is made possible through our partnerships with the College of Arts and Science, the College of Medicine, the Glenn School of Public Affairs—and among our own departments—to jointly hire faculty with interdisciplinary expertise.

Of course hiring just any faculty won’t do. We strategically seek faculty who are or will become internationally recognized in their fields. We’ve already hired eminent faculty scholars in several key research areas—networking, propulsion, materials and sensing—and several junior and mid-level faculty, especially in our priority areas of advanced materials, manufacturing and renewable energy.

Creating a diverse and representative faculty is critical. As we hire new faculty, we strive to match our record over the previous three years of 40% of our annual faculty hires being women and under-represented minorities. Since fiscal 2011 we have increased the number of women faculty by about 10% and held steady with under-represented minorities. This is an excellent record that proves we can and will have a more representative faculty.

Using a combination of strategic partnerships, sound fiscal management and a continued focus on hiring the best, most-representative faculty possible, we will continue to invest in a world-class engineering and architecture faculty at Ohio State.

David B. Williams
Monte Ahuja Endowed Dean's Chair
Dean of the College of Engineering
Executive Dean of the Professional Colleges