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Honda Research and Development, Ohio State Engineers Tackle Transportation Issues

Ohio State faculty and students today (8/5) are meeting with Honda research and development engineers to brainstorm solutions to vibration issues in vehicles.

The Honda/OSU MIX, Mobility Innovation eXchange, is the first of many collaborative sessions that will plant the seeds for enhanced and focused research.

“The goal of the Honda/OSU MIX is for Honda to work together with OSU faculty and students in a unique environment, which will enable the research and development of new technologies that will result in new products for Honda's customers, along with accomplished graduates from the university,” said Lara Minor, principal engineer at Honda R&D Americas Inc.

Honda developed the topic of discussion for today’s first MIX, which is attended by 20 people from Ohio State and Honda; engineering faculty members have been invited to propose future brainstorming topics based on their areas of expertise. Participants in today’s event examined a Honda Acura TL to understand the company’s construction and current design methods. They are exploring ways to create a vehicle that is fun to drive, while minimizing the effects of noise and vibrations yet retaining long-term durability.

The MIX groups will brainstorm for ideas and solutions using a technique called Y-Gaya, a Japanese term for open discussions, designed to gather collaborative input from participants with varying skill sets and experience levels with a goal of creating seed topics which, once investigated, may result in ground-breaking new technology.

Ohio State engineers have worked with Honda on various projects for decades and in 2000 formalized the Honda-Ohio State Partnership — an unparalleled, bilateral collaboration between university and industry that spans initiatives in education, research and public service.

“The Honda-Ohio State Partnership has a long history of collaboration with Honda of America Manufacturing as well as Honda R&D,” said Steve Yurkovich, director of the partnership and professor of electrical and computer engineering and mechanical engineering.

“This is a new and innovative chapter in the Honda-Ohio State relationship,” said Interim Dean Gregory Washington. “It’s going to bring students, Honda researchers and Ohio State faculty together at the same place simultaneously to work on next-generation mobility and transport.”

Faculty seeking more details about the Honda/OSU MIX can visit Minor at the Honda/OSU MIX office, Scott Laboratories Room N255, or contact her via e-mail.

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