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Making an Impact

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Gifts given to the College of Engineering enable students to achieve their dreams of earning an Ohio State degree and provide immediate and flexible support to students and faculty across every department in the college. Each year thousands of loyal alumni and friends contribute to the college's general funds and current use scholarships. Below are just a few examples of the positive impact that results from this generosity.

If you have any questions about these stories or your own giving to Ohio State, please contact Matt LaBarbera, College of Engineering Advancement Coordinator, at 614-292-1044 or

Giving Level* Impact Read more

$100 to $199 

Fuels small activities with big reach — like the Toy Adaptation Program, student projects with advanced energy research vehicles or an hour of faculty research time.  click to view
$200 to $399 Fosters the next generation of innovators by supporting student participation in initiatives like the annual Fundamentals of Engineering Honors Robotic Competition.  click to view
$400 to $799 Helps fund student involvement in experiential learning initiatives like the Advanced Energy Vehicle Program. Activities like these help prepare Ohio State engineering students to find innovative solutions to global challenges. click to view
$800 to $1,499 Helps a student pay for a year of textbooks—and so much more, including outfitting classrooms with the latest technology and allowing students to attend professional conferences. click to view
$1,500 to $2,999 Covers the cost of a class or pays for a guest lecturer with a unique message. click to view
$3,000 to $4,999 Helps worthy humanitarian engineering projects and student-run organizations like Engineers for Community Service. click to view
$5,000 to $9,999 Opens many doors for students, through scholarships or enhanced classrooms. click to view
$10,000+ Covers a student’s tuition costs for a year or helps advance groundbreaking student and faculty research. click to view

* Levels are based on your total 2016 giving to nonendowed scholarships and unrestricted funds in the College of Engineering. These are just some of the ways gifts impact our students and faculty.

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