K-12 Academic Outreach

Hometown Ambassadors


Hometown Ambassador students at Westerville South HS

Ohio State Engineering students and alumni form teams that return to their hometown high schools to answer questions and share insights about engineering as a course of study and career. Each year 40 to 50 schools across the State of Ohio receive Hometown Ambassador visits encouraging the next generation of engineering professionals.

“It is always a pleasure to receive our former students and especially rewarding to listen to them explain how they are doing in school and/or their careers.” – Hometown Ambassador High School Administrator

Translating Engineering Research to K-8 (TEK8)

Undergraduates are immersed in a summer engineering research experience as a foundation to develop design challenges that teach K-8 students the engineering design process and provide an awareness of engineering careers. Our students work with in-service teachers in an engineering course, where they develop and deliver the challenges to underserved students.  Visit the TEK8 webpage  (https://u.osu.edu/tek8/

“TEK8 was by far my favorite class I’ve ever taken and gave me tremendous motivation to continue pursuing a career in engineering. I cannot express my gratitude enough.” - TEK8 Undergraduate Student

For more information:

Howard Greene, Director of K - 12 Educational Outreach, greene.8[at]osu.edu