Inclusive Excellence Liaison

The College of Engineering is committed to creating an environment where all Engineering and KSA Buckeyes can thrive.  We want everyone to become more self-aware and increase their understanding of the importance and value of diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence.  In response to feedback from stakeholders, an Inclusive Excellence Liaison (IE Liasion) position has been created. Working in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Equity and Student Life to address issues and behaviors not aligned with the University's shared values, the IE Liaison will offer informal mediation and provide appropriate resources to employees and students to support and empower them in the workplace and classroom.  Additional resources for faculty and staff are available at

IE Liason and other University Resources

Reporting Incidents of Harassment and Discrimination

Support and Guidance to Address Bias and DEI Related Conflicts and Incidents

Bias incidents are singular or perpetual action and/or language that limits or threatens the ability of an individual to work, study, or participate in the campus environment. Some bias incidents may result in a formal university complaint, such as reports of discrimination, sexual misconduct, or other violations of university policy or law.  There are several university-level resources supporting students, staff and faculty to navigate university policies and overcome challenges faced inside and outside of the classroom.

If you are unsure if what you have witnessed or experienced is a bias incident you can email our Inclusive Excellence Liaison, Bryanna Stigger


University Resources

The College of Engineering strives to create an equitable and inclusive experience for all students, staff and faculty regardless of race, creed, gender, sexuality, or any other social identity they hold. If you or someone you know is a victim of harassment, discrimination, or sexual misconduct, please visit for resources and help.

The following areas are part of the Office of Institutional Equity: