Inclusive Excellence and Cultural Transformation


The Community, Access, Retention and Empowerment (CARE) office supports Engineering and Knowlton community members in integrating University shared values and inclusive excellence into daily operations and set expectations that everyone is responsible for efforts.  When this integration of diversity, equity, and inclusive excellence is done well and is sustained over time, there can be transformative educational benefits to our students and a positive impact on staff and faculty workspaces.

Inclusive Excellence Strategic Priorities Overview

The strategic priorities for inclusive excellence are a roadmap for cultural transformation in the College of Engineering. The priorities align with the inclusive excellence framework: (1) broaden participation with greater access and success; (2) promote inclusive scholarship and teaching; (3) build a culturally aware and competent community; and (4) design an inclusive and equitable institutional infrastructure to drive change. The priorities outlined, initiatives listed and identified metrics are linked to the College of Engineering's strategic plan (see Foundation 1 and Pillar 1), the University's shared values and the academic plan.  

Inclusive Excellence Cultural Transformation Plan

Strategic Priorities and Action Steps

Annual Key Performance Indicators and Metrics to Measure Impact