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Impact Funds by Department

Funds marked with an asterisk (*) provide scholarships to students.

Other funds listed enhance the Ohio State experience for students and faculty by supporting the greatest priorities of the dean, department chair or section head.


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College of Engineering

The Ohio State Fund for Engineering (303752)

*Engineering Student Scholarship (302281)

*Engineering Students First (312995)

Knowlton School of Architecture

The Ohio State Fund for Knowlton School of Architecture (302636)

City & Regional Planning Section Fund (301703)

Architecture Section Fund (302943)

Landscape Architecture Section Fund (302250)

*Knowlton Annual Scholarship Fund (312560)

Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering

MAE Support Fund (302655)

Nuclear Engineering Discretionary Fund (306406)

*MAE Student Support Fund (310208)

Integrated Systems and Engineering

The ISE Advancement Fund (306638)

*ISE Designated Fund (313161)

Engineering Education

COE Fund for Engineering Education (314822)

*Department of Engineering Education Scholarship (315664)

Diversity and Inclusion

Women in Engineering (306483)

Minority Engineering Alumni (305305)

*Women in Engineering Scholarship (303368)

*Minority Engineering Scholarship (308697)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

COE Fund for Electrical and Computer Engineering (302493)

*The ECE Scholarship Fund (314758)

Computer Science and Engineering

Fund for Comp Science and Engineering (306284)

*CSE Undergraduate Scholarship (309668)

Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering

Fund for Civil, Environmental & Geodetic Engineering (302296)

*Civil Engineering General Scholarship (303730)

Materials Science and Engineering

Material Science & Engineering Support (302704)

Welding Engineering Support (302441)

Ceramic Engineering Support (303088)

*MSE Scholarship Fund (314053)

*Welding Engineering Scholarship Fund (314054)

*Ceramic Engineering Scholarship Fund (306535)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Chemical & Biomolecular Fund (302693)

*The CBE Scholarship Fund (314757)

Center for Aviation Studies

Aviation Chair Discretionary Fund (302736)

*Aviation Student Award (307789)

Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering Department Support (306379)

*The BME Scholarship Fund (314756)