chemical engineering graduate student works in the lab

At The Ohio State University College of Engineering, we understand the importance of being informed about financial support opportunities when making a decision on where to pursue a graduate degree. Through the College of Engineering, students can be funded by one of four methods or some combination.

  • Fellowship
  • Graduate Research Associate (GRA)
  • Graduate Teaching Associate (GTA)
  • Graduate Administrative Associate (GAA)

To be considered for funding you need to select all the funding options for which you want to be considered on your application and our admissions committees will consider you for all those options.

Here at Ohio State, an offer of full funding will include a monthly stipend, tuition and fees, and coverage of 85% of your student health insurance. You will be responsible for paying the remaining 15% of your health insurance from your monthly stipend. Here is a breakdown of what you are likely to receive.

  • Average stipend for the College of Engineering is: $1,980 per month
  • Average stipend for the Knowlton School of Architecture is: $1,517 per month
  • Tuition and fees for Ohio residents is: $16,525 per year*
  • Tuition and fees for Non-Ohio residents is: $39,999 per year*
  • Student health insurance is: $4,131 per year**

*Your tuition and fee support does not include the COTA bus fee, Student activity fee or recreational fee which totals approximately $404.26 per year, which would be spread out over 3 semesters.  See the attached PDF for a full breakdown of cost.

**We pay $3,511.35 per year toward your health insurance and you are responsible for paying the remaining $619.65.  The amount you pay will be spread out over 3 semesters.  Here is a link to information about the student health insurance.