Alumni Mentors

Professional mentors can have an immeasurable impact on the success of Ohio State graduate students. The College of Engineering’s Graduate Student Alumni and Peer Mentoring Program (GUIDE) makes it easy for alumni to support current graduate students in a meaningful way.

GUIDE matches current College of Engineering graduate students with an alumni mentor based on their professional or industry interests. This doesn’t require a big commitment—we ask for a minimum of one meeting a month during the academic year. Your mentee will set the meeting agenda and come prepared with questions.

Eligibility and expectations:

  • Master’s or doctoral graduate of the College of Engineering
  • Have enthusiasm for sharing your expertise and knowledge about your industry/profession and the job search process
  • Be able to listen and be empathic with your mentee
  • Meet with your mentee(s) at least once a month (virtual or in-person)
  • Attend GUIDE program orientation and end-of-year event
  • Complete program check-in and feedback surveys (2 total)


  • Support student success in a meaningful way
  • Increase your self-awareness and foster personal growth
  • Develop transferable and marketable skills to enhance your professional experience
  • Enhance your leadership and mentoring skills
  • Improve your communication and interpersonal skills
  • Build and expand your network!


  • June - July: Complete the volunteer form (this takes approximately 5-10 minutes)
    Share your professional background and personal identities so that we can make appropriate matches. Behind the scenes, the Office of Graduate Education will match you with a mentee (or more if you are willing to mentor more than one student) based on your background and the mentees desired mentor criteria.
  • Late July: Virtual introductions will be made by the Office of Graduate Education via email.
  • August: Review alumni mentor materials sent by Office of Graduate Education and join the virtual mentoring orientation.
  • August – April: Connect with your mentee(s) at least once per month.
    Mentees will be instructed to prepare meeting agendas and/or discussion topics for each meeting.

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