Student Testimonials

See what other students are saying about the Graduate Engineering Open House.

"The Graduate Engineering Open House at The Ohio State University expelled my fear of pursuing my PhD. That day, I was able to meet my current Ohio State advisor during her graduate students' poster presentations, hear experiences from two students from my state during the graduate student panel, and see the breathtaking campus for myself. Most importantly, I saw a glimpse of my future support system, which helped me realize that Ohio State values women of color in all roles and professions." – Erin S.

"The GEOH was an incredible comfort. It showed the efforts of Ohio State with its current and future students and demonstrated the care the staff have for the mission of the university. The GEOH was a fulfilling and exciting opportunity and I encourage any who are able to attend!" – Andy G.

"Being able to partake in GEOH was a very critical step for me in the graduate school process. I had a lot of questions that were able to be answered during the event. It was a fun way to get to know about the graduate school process and Ohio State." – Gabby M.

"The Graduate Engineering Open House provided me with valuable insight on how to attack the graduate application process, the breadth of research done at Ohio State, and the overall campus and city culture. Through my experience at the GEOH, I was able to make an informed decision on a graduate department, college, and university that supports my holistic growth." – Nelson T.

"The Graduate Engineering Open House gave me all the necessary keys in deciding why Ohio State’s Graduate Program was right for me. The tour of the engineering facilities is what really sold me on my choice." – David M.

"I really liked getting to see the different lab tours and listening to the graduate student panel. Getting to see the labs and listening to advice from current grad students’ experiences at Ohio State really encouraged me to apply and then accept my offer." – Katie B.

"The GEOH was the perfect event to learn more about the program, to talk with the professors I was interested in working with, and to see the Ohio State community first-hand. It was a great opportunity to visit a school in the fall, before even applying. Ultimately, I chose Ohio State because of the great impression I had at the GEOH and because it was the best fit for me!" – Allyanna R.

"Visiting Ohio State during Open House immediately felt like home. Seeing so much variety of programs, many faculty members and staff ready to help you succeed right away was key. The warm welcome I felt made my decision to commit once I've been accepted so easy." – Melissa D.