Focus Area 2

Talent Acquisition, Promotion and Retention

Provide resources to enhance current processes for recruitment, retention, and promotion to increase the number of historically excluded and underrepresented faculty and staff and improve their sense of community.  

Action Step 2.1
We shall ensure that all aspects of the COE commitment to diversity as it relates to specific job functions and responsibilities are described with clarity for all COE position postings.

  • Progress: Just Starting
  • Expected Completion: TBD
  • Notes on Progress:
    • With the university's transition to Workday and HR staffing shortages, there has been a delay in starting the first step in this action step. There are plans in place to meet with COE HR managers to begin reviewing the current language included in position descriptions and crafting standard language to be included. The goal is to have this in place for all COE position descriptions once the hiring freeze is lifted.    

Action Step 2.2 
We shall require implicit bias training for all persons involved in the hiring process.

  • Progress: Initiated
  • Expected Completion: Ongoing
  • Notes on Progress:
    • A limited number of faculty searches have been approved for FY 2021. All search committee members are required to complete the Kirwan FY 21 Implicit Bias training as well as the Harvard Implicit Bias Test prior to beginning the search process. 

Action Step 2.3 
We shall require hiring committees to have an outside observer from another department/unit/center to ensure women and underrepresented minority candidates are being properly considered.

  • Progress – Initiated
  • Expected Completion - Ongoing
  • Notes on Progress:
    • All search committees are now required to include a member from an outside unit or department and identify a member to serve as a diversity advocate. 

Action Step 2.4 
We shall modify systems of incentive and assessment to include and reward diversity and inclusion action and competence, including annual reviews and promotion and tenure guidelines.

  • Progress: Initiated
  • Expected Completion: Fall 2021
  • Notes on Progress:
    • The college has recently added professional development and service specific to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) to all staff annual reviews. The process to include in faculty annual reviews is now underway.  To support and encourage increased awareness and professional development for both staff and faculty in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion, the college has increased financial support and hired a dedicated staff member for the Inclusive Excellence Certificate program, which rewards staff efforts and builds community in DEI.

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