Faculty Mentoring Program

About the Program

A faculty professional development program was designed and implemented in the college of engineering at The Ohio State University in 2017-18 Academic Year to provide uniform mentoring among the engineering programs.

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The overall goal of the program is to provide support to new faculty in the key areas of institutional orientation, develop innovative research and teaching programs, and help faculty become well-oriented citizens of the university and their professional communities while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The program has a short-term component, which includes a monthly workshop series to provide information to the new faculty within their first year about the resources available within the college and university. The long-term component, the mentoring program, starts with forming of mentoring team by new faculty member with guidance from the program director. The mentoring committee meets twice a year to discuss the short-term, mid-term and long-term goals and to provide input and different perspectives.

  • To enhance the ability of new faculty to work effectively during the tenure track period as they lay the foundation for continued success after tenure review.
  • To provide guidelines for a uniform structure of team mentoring for all new faculty yet to be individualized based on the needs of a particular faculty member.