External Funding Options in the College of Engineering

At The Ohio State University College of Engineering, we understand the importance of being informed about financial support opportunities when making a decision on where to pursue a graduate degree. Through the College of Engineering, students can be funded in one of four ways, as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA), Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA), Graduate Administrative Assistant (GAA), or Fellow. 

While the list is extensive, it is in not a complete list of all external opportunities available.

External Funding Opportunities:

Application Deadlines Degree Type Fellowship List
10-Jan* MS/PhD Air & Waste Management Association
Application 10-Jan* MS/PhD Kosciuszko Foundation for students of Polish descent
10-Jan MS/PhD American Association of University Women: Selected Professional Fellowships
15-Jan MS/PhD Gates Millennium Scholars Program
Check in Jan* PhD U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship
13-Jan* PhD Cand/Post Doc Council of American Overseas Research Centers (CAORC) Multi-Country Fellowships
Check in January. Summer fellowship Jun to Aug MS/PhD Center for Space Nuclear Research Summer Fellowship Program
15-Jan* MS/PhD Graduate Women in Science (GWIS)
27-Jan MS/PhD National Security Education Program (NSEP) David L. Boren Graduate Fellowships
15-Jan MS/PhD The Electrochemical Society
1-Feb MS/PhD/Post Doc IEEE Fellowship in Electrical History
1-Feb* MS/PhD Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) E. Wayne Kay Graduate Scholarship
1-Feb* MS/PhD American Nuclear Society Scholarship
1-Feb* PhD Google US/Canada PhD Fellowship Program
1-Feb* MS/PhD NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship Program
14-Feb* MS/PhD NOAA-Sea Grant Knauss Marine Policy Fellowships
15-Feb PhD Post Candidacy Mechanical Engineering Graduate Teaching Fellowships
mid Feb* MS/PhD Semiconductor Research Corporation Graduate Fellowship Program
17-Feb* MS/PhD Society of Women Engineers
10-Feb* MS/PhD American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Trent R. Dames and William W. Moore Fellowship
15-Feb MS/PhD Yanmar/SAE Scholarship
1- Mar* MS/PhD American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Jack E. Leisch Memorial National Graduate Fellowship
15-Mar* PhD Link Foundation Energy Fellowships
1-Mar* MS/PhD NASA Graduate Student Researcher's Program (GSRP)
15-Mar & 15-Oct MS/PhD Sigma Xi Grants-In-Aid of Research Program (GIAR)
15-Apr* MS National Minority STEM Fellowship Program (website)
31-May MS/PhD American Indian College Fund
1-Jun, 12-Oct, 1-Mar. For fall, spring and summer terms respectively MS/PhD NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Internship Program
1-Jun, 12-Oct, 1-Mar. For fall, spring and summer terms respectively* MS/PhD NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Internship Program
30-Jun* MS/PhD Foreign Languages & Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships
1-Aug* PhD Fulbright Scholar Program
9-Aug* PhD NASA Harriett G. Jenkins Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program (JPFP)
1-Aug* (4 application times per year) Post Doc National Academies Research Associateship Program
Info available in Sept* MS/Phd 1st Year American Meteorological Society Graduate Fellowships
~19-Sept - 29-Oct* PhD IBM PhD Fellowship Awards
opens in Sep* PhD National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG)
15-Sep PhD after Sep 1, '08 Sloan Foundation
24-Sep PhD Post Candidacy The DOE Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program
15-Oct MS/PhD ACI Foundation Scholarship
Mid Oct* PhD Roberto Rocca Fellowships for Doctoral Studies
15-Oct MS/PhD U.S. Department of Homeland Security Presidential Management Fellows Program
Available starting late Oct First Year MS/PhD U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Computational Science Graduate Fellowships (CSGF)
1-Oct & 15-Nov MS going to PhD National GEM Consortium Fellowship
29-Oct to 6-Nov. Due at 8:00pm EST! Date depends on which field of research*** MS/PhD National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program
31-Oct PhD Hertz Foundation
1-Nov Have doctorate AAAS Science & Technology Policy Fellowships
15-Nov PhD Amelia Earhart Fellowship Award
17-Nov PhD/Post Doc American Association of University Women: American Fellowships
14-Nov PhD Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellowships
14-Nov Post Doc Ford Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship
19-Nov PhD Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowships
15-Nov MS/PhD Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Charles LeGeyt Fortescue Fellowship
1-Nov* Post Doc National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) - research opportunity in Japan
2-Nov* PhD National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)
15-Nov* MS/PhD Schlanger Ocean Drilling Fellowship
1-Nov First 2 Yrs MS/PhD The Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowships For New Americans
30-Nov MS/PhD National Physical Science Consortium Fellowship
11-Nov MS/PhD Winston Churchill Scholarship
Available starting early Nov MS/PhD U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Nuclear Forensics Graduate Fellowship Program (NFGF)
Date only listed for undergraduate fellowship (5-Dec)* MS/PhD National Center for Environmental Research GRO Graduate Fellowships
15-Dec MS American Association of University Women: Career Development Grants
1-Dec MS/PhD/Post Doc American Association of University Women: International Fellowships
16-Dec* MS/PhD Science, Mathematics and Research for Transformation Defense Scholarship for Service Program (SMART)
13-Dec* PhD United Negro College Fund (UNCF) Merck Science Research Dissertation Graduate Fellowships
Check Site for Deadlines
  MS/PhD Department of Energy Office of Science Graduate Fellowship Program
  MS/PhD Dwight David Eisenhower Transportation Fellowship Program
  MS/PhD Environmental Protection Agency Fellowships
  PhD Intel Corporation PhD Fellowship Program
  MS/PhD Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success in Earth System Science
  PhD National Institutes of Health Predoctoral Fellowships
Multiple awards MS/PhD
This program has been split into 2 different programs PhD NSF Geography and Regional Science
Program specific   NSF Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)
Multiple awards MS/PhD/Post Doc NSF Office of International Science and Engineering opportunities
Multiple awards MS/PhD Oak Ridge Institute for Science & Education Graduate Scholarships
Multiple awards MS/PhD Pathways to Science Portal
Multiple. Application for coming year not yet decided MS/PhD PEO International Peace Scholarships Fund
Find local chapter MS/PhD Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowships
Find local chapter MS/PhD Women in Transportation Helene M. Overly Memorial Scholarship
Find local chapter MS/PhD Women in Transportation Leadership Legacy Scholarship for Graduates
Coming soon* MS/PhD American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE) Scholarships
*Please check site for most updated deadlines