Engineering House Learning Community

Heart rate monitor lab

     The Engineering House Learning Community (EHLC) is committed to assisting students in their transition to the study of engineering and the Ohio State University community. It is designed to give students exposure to the variety of major options within the College of Engineering (COE), access to effective academic support services, interaction with faculty, staff, alumni and professionals, and opportunity to cultivate community with students across the COE.

     This residential community is designed to develop confident, studious, inclusive leaders through experiential learning and programming. First-year students will participate in an engineering seminar. Within the class students will explore engineering professions, strengthen leadership skills and develop an appreciation for how diversity and inclusion strengthen engineering practice.

EHLC Monthly Programming for Spring Semester:

  • First Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM in the Think Tank of Torres House
  • Jan. 12; Feb. 2; Mar. 2; Apr. 6.

First Year EHLC participants will:

  • Attend an early arrival program (week of Aug. 14, 2022)
  • Be enrolled in the EHLC Section of the Engineering Survey for AU22
  • Enroll in Engineering Seminar courses Spring Semester and participate in EHLC DICE Certification

Second Year EHLC participants will:

  • Attend an early arrival program (week of Aug. 14, 2022)
  • Have leadership opportunities as peer mentors to EHLC First Year students
  • Have priority scheduling with STEP “Inclusive Engineering” Cohort
  • Enroll in an Engineering Seminar course designed for 2nd year students in collaboration with OSU faculty, alum and industry partners
  • Be eligible for Academic Success and Engineering Project based programs: Connect Lead Inspire Mentor Belong


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