Engineering Healthcare Solutions

In recent years, the depth and breadth of medical-related research and innovation produced by College of Engineering faculty and students has increased dramatically.

synthetic heart valve

With extremely close proximity to a world-leading medical center, Ohio State’s Discovery Themes commitment to talent recruitment, and the desire among our faculty to make a difference in the world, this growth comes as no surprise. Nearly 60 engineering faculty members—not limited to biomedical engineering, but spanning disciplines—spend considerable time and resources on medical or healthcare-related research and/or commercialization activity. This figure includes 11 College of Engineering/College of Medicine faculty co-appointments. A recent analysis revealed 35 distinct projects related to cancer alone.

The College of Engineering is beginning a concerted effort to engage biomedical and healthcare companies—especially those in Ohio—to advance life-changing and life-saving innovations.

Here's a sampling of recent healthcare-related innovations from Buckeye Engineers: