Inclusive Excellence Certificate

The Ohio State College of Engineering Inclusive Excellence Certificate Program engages faculty, staff, and students in diversity learning opportunities.  

Inclusive Excellence Certificate Goals  

  • Deliver skills and build competencies that will improve the effectiveness and innovation within our college, university and community
  • Integrate diversity and inclusion principles and practices into the fabric of the college
  • Recognize the exemplary efforts of faculty, staff, and students advancing diversity and inclusive excellence

For the 2020-2021 academic year, we will promote virtual initiatives on this site to engage faculty, staff, and students.

How to Earn the Certificate

For the 2020-2021 academic year, you can submit initiatives that take place between August 1 – March 30. Points for the Inclusive Excellence Certificate program are earned by participating in diversity-related webinars, trainings, and dialogs, and diversity-related outreach and engagement initiatives. Please check this page often for opportunities, as all initiatives/links listed on the right in gray count toward the certificate program. Faculty, staff, and students who earn at least 6 points total earn the certificate.  Diversity initiatives that are 60 min. in length are 1 point.  Participants can combine several shorter initiatives, such as diversity-related Ted Talks, to total 60 min. for 1 point. Participants can earn a maximum of 2 points for a more lengthy event, such as a conference.

Program Levels

There are several levels to the certificate program. *Only one level (6 points total) may be earned per academic year. For those new to the program, once you complete 6 diversity initiatives, you will achieve the certificate at the Partner level. Those who earned the certificate last year have achieved the Partner level and can complete an additional 6 initiatives this year to earn the Ally level.

Partner: 6 pts total
Ally: 12 pts total (6 pts year one + 6 pts year two)
Ambassador: 18 pts total (6 pts year one + 6 pts year two + 6 pts year three)
Champion: 24 pts total (6 pts year one + 6 pts year two + 6 pts year three + 6 pts year four)



For the 2020-2021 academic year, we are using Buckeye Learn to track program participation.  To track your points, go to:

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on Learning tab >> select "View your Transcript"
  3. On the right side of your transcript, click the ellipsis button (...) and select  "Add external training" 
  4. Under "Title," add the number training you completed followed by "Engineering Inclusive Excellence" (ex. 1 Engineering Inclusive Excellence) 

    *Please ensure that you enter the key words Engineering Inclusive Excellence in the title field for each submission

  5. For the training description, add the actual name of your training (ex. Microaggressions 101)
  6. Add Date
  7. Click Submit

Each individual will therefore submit a total of 6 times to earn the certificate. If you are combining multiple shorter initiatives for one point, simply list them all as part of the training description in one submission. BuckeyeLearn enables you to view what you have submitted on your transcript.  It also enables us to pull a report to view submissions. Please note that your direct supervisor will receive an automatic email stating that you added external training, but supervisor approval is not necessary. 


If you have questions about the inclusive excellence certificate program, please email

View our 2019-2020 program outcomes.