Early Engagement



The College of Engineering is committed to engaging students, faculty and staff to positively impact engineering career awareness and preparation in K-12 education, especially among underrepresented students and communities.


Broaden Participation

  • Bring opportunities to underserved K-12 students so that they become aware of engineering careers and are knowledgeable about pathways to get there.

Support Broader Impacts

  • Enable faculty to extend their teaching and research in a way that encourages and supports the next generation of students to become aware of, and be prepared for, engineering as a course of study and career path.

Building a Culture of Outreach

  • Foster an environment for faculty, staff and students, where outreach is a normative and expected behavior.

Enlist Student Ambassadors

  • Integrate outreach into the student experience to prepare graduates for careers marked by service to their communities.

Future Emphasis

We encourage all K-12 students to explore the exciting world of engineering. Whether or not these students go on to earn an engineering degree at Ohio State, we challenge each of them to become innovative thinkers with the skills, knowledge, and creativity to make a difference in communities worldwide. Efforts are underway to expand research mentorship of high school students from underserved partner schools.


For more information



Howard Greene - greene.8@osu.edu

  • ​Director of K - 12 Educational Outreach