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Please see below for events and activities that provide academic and professional advancement opportunities as well as recognition for student success. For more information about these events, please contact Lisa .

Connect. Lead. Inspire. Mentor. Belong.

2018 GE Aviation plant visit

CLIMB is a collection of activities designed to increase self-efficacy and foster community among DOI students. CLIMB works to connect students with peers, alumni and industry partners through professional development seminars, hands-on skill building workshops, industry tours, and panel discussions with engineering professionals and faculty. Participants gain valuable leadership skills and inspire the next generation of Buckeye engineers by serving as volunteers and role models for engineering outreach and recruitment events hosted by the women and minority engineering programs. CLIMB also offers students the opportunity to be mentored by a professional engineer or connect informally with small mentoring groups.

Connect: Through industry visits and networking events

Lead: Student organization leadership retreats, professional development workshops and conference travel

Inspire: Banquet keynote speakers, professional engineer panel discussions and alumni sponsored scholarships

Mentor: First and second year students small mentoring groups and upper class individual engagement

Belong: Learning Communities located in Torres and Houck House

Experiential Career Exploration and Leadership Seminar (ExCELS) 

Two destinct tracks have been designed to introduce students to engineering careers and research through authentic inquiry activities sponsored by industry partners and research laboratories on campus.

The first option of ExCELS will provide opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning and shadowing experiences with industry partners and faculty while gaining a better understanding of engineering design, safety and testing, and work efficiency. Following their completion of the sequence, students are better prepared for entry-level internships or co-ops in industry.  

The second option focuses on preparing students for research experiences in engineering. Seminar topics introduce and prepare students to apply for funded research internships at Ohio State and other host institutions. Students will meet faculty and graduate students to explore their research interests, learn to prepare a personal vision statement, be introduced to basic research methods and tools, and become familiar with working in a laboratory setting.